Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by trailie, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Good Evening,
    I wonder if one of you gents can help me (or point me in the right direction). I've bought an old Rt351 on ebay. The thing's battered stupid, but it still works.
    Anyway I'd like to give it a lick of paint and generally tidy it up, so I'm wondering how do those selector knobs come off. Do they just prise off ??
    I've opened it up but don't see any clues from the inside. I had to open it anyway to replace the bnc plug on the corner since it was squashed !

    Many thanks
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  2. Have you got all the accessories for it?
  3. Most of them, a handset, a headset and pressel, long whip antenna plus the shorter rubber one, battery and GS frame. So hopefully I'll make a few 6 metre contacts on the amateur bands.
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  4. fella you'd better off sticking the request in the REME forum as their tels techs did the vast majority of clansman repairs (stands by for rebuttal). from memory i think there was a pin through the dial. (it was a long time ago, since i sat at the bench with that thing in the repair jig not ripping out chips with a soldering iron and a screwdriver)
  5. You'll need a better AE than the issued one then, making a VHF dipole is probably your best and then elevating it, try and get a 20W to go with it. A knackered old PRC351 will have the range of an asthmatic ant.
  6. Ok thanks, I'll try over there as well.
  7. Ha ha !! - yeah quite possibly. Funny enough I won an amplifier today for a tenner, and the ground spike antennas are there for £9.95 (I think)
  8. Forget the GSA, it's just a bit of over priced ruggedised kit sold to the MOD. A 1.2M vertical dipole suitably elevated is much better.
  9. Try looking at the side of the selector knob, it's either a grub screw (hex) or a push-pin.
  10. Ok lads, thanks for all the help, suggestions and interesting background. I'll pop over to the REME page later on and ask them. Ok too on the aerial, I'll have a go at making something for it.
    By the way I've been looking closely at those selector knobs, there's definately no grub screw, and I don't see any pins through them. I'm guessing they must be pushed onto a spline (I dunno !), but I don't want to put too much force on them 'til I know for sure.

    Thanks again, cheers.
  11. Do you want a JAMCAT?
  12. I went to do a PRE at the sigs unit in 7 bde about 89-90 we were testing the 20w amps for the 351 as we were firing them out the sigs tech said we weren't doing it as per the tech pubs (our "method took 2 mins, the book about 35mins) asked the sigs tech how many they fixed in a year, he said 10-15. We said we got about 20 a week at 7 armd, "crack on lads" came the reply!!

    I'm sure it was a push pin for the selector knobs, making sure no twat had turned the dials inside which would render any number on the dial useless in relation to the freq transmitted!
  13. !! I had to google that to see what it was. !! - Well I don't know what I would do with it, but it would certainly be a nice addition to the radio, so perhaps if your selling it I might be tempted.

    Was the idea to interfere with ememy comms by transmitting jamming tones on their frequencies? or could it be used to stop them from hearing your signals.
  14. It was an EW simulator for training purposes.

  15. Ok, 2nd Scientific Wild Arrsed Guess - It's a circlip underneath the knob.

    I'm on the edge of my seat now...
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