RSVP - Woking, Surrey

Just like to keep people up to date on these wonderful bars and clubs that 'Don't Serve Squaddies'. Was out on a work function with mixture of ranks and ended up in Woking's RSVP, local town.
Within 30minutes of been in there they worked out we were in the military and then refused to serve us any more and asked us to leave!. So all id say is give RSVP a miss if Woking is the place to go, or if you do do not show military ID at the door. Should be common knowledge anyway 'down south'.
Keep us all up to date if any more places are the same!.
Google review.
a proper shit hole, its cheap 2 drink, but everyone is scum, especially the management- the girl loves kicking people out and is married to the assistant manager- so ur gonna get a slap. dont go unless your looking for a fight

Spent a lot of time in the late 80s drinking in Woking and the surrounding area sometimes in a large group, never had a problem so why the change.

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