RSV1000 Running Costs

I am looking at picking up a RSV1000, probably a 2002 - 2003 model with quite low mileage (around 13k) and was wondering if anyone had any realistic running costs?

I have checked the MOT, Tax and insurance costs and am pretty happy with them but its servicing costs, any reliability issues that anyone has had that I need info on. I have searched a few forums but they seem to be all around 2006 - 2007 and was just wondering if anyone had any up to date info?

Is that the old model with the Austin Allegro dash ??

If so then sprag cutches go on a fairly regular basis and highly tuned ones blow crank cases
I know its an Aprilia but the first model's clocks and general surround are reminiscent of Austins :)

The next model on is a cracking bike but underpowered especially for the money
Sorry mate - didn't read your post properly and just saw Old model, Austin Allegro and clutch! The dash is pretty hidious I must admit - but I like the rest of it! Have owned one? If so, how much did it cost to service et?

I have a 2003 and it does have its niggles. I've had an oil leak that turned into a 3 week job trying to locate and nightmare of a time changing to mini leds. Servicing I can't comment on as I do it myself. Apart from that, I love the thing - loads of lazy vtwin torgue to yank you out of corners.

Try asking here.
If you need to know anything about RSVs, you will find it on that site.
With any bike out of warrantee, DIY servicing is the way ahead. If you dont know how, learn!
I understand that brake pads are stupidly expensive on the RSVs. Also dramas with the Ohlins fork seals.
I'd personally recommend steering WELL clear of Aprilia and sticking to a quality brand from Japan, like Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha or Honda.

I've have a few Aprilias, and they have ALL been the most unreliable, horrific Italian bags of shit I've ever ridden.

I couldnt fault a nice Suzuki GSX-r 600 SRAD though ;) or my current 1989 Yamaha XJ600, beautiful bikes!

I mean, if you like it, fairplay, each to their own, but my personal expieriences with Aprilia haven't been good whatsoever, and I've had 4 now!

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