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Anybody know what's happening to the other 616 squadrons?
Yes, they've all been given one aircraft each, to be commanded by an Air Commodore.
For 'disbanded' read 'suspended animation' until the arrival into service of the F35 JSF Lightning II at which point 617 will be the first operational squadron with this aircraft.
Its the Tornados that are going but they are not sure where they are going to be parked up.
Give the spare parts to Westlands. They will keep them in a skip and bolt them to the 'Bobcat' or whatever Lynx 2035 is going to be named.

The big recycling, swindling, Somalian, thieving wretches.
not sure if it was a squarebasher item in the eye,but it would appear to cost £1.5m each to send aircrew to the US to be trained,however the RAF seems determined to have an OCU in the UK taking the cost to £4.5m per aircrew.


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'Tuffy, old bean, would you mind awfully running a nice puff piece in the rag. It's just that the big chief is getting terribly shirty about lack of light blue news in the last 48 hours. Any old rubbish will do, just get the words 'Dambusters,' 'saved' and 'cuts' in the headline. The consultancy chaps think it'll be really whizzo, and with all that nonsense regarding the attack on Bastion, we don't want people linking the RAF and Force Protection right now and perhaps getting the wrong message. Another G & T?'

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