RSR "Golden Thread" snapped already?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. Further to a previous thread in this forum -

    When I saw this headline in the newsagents, my first thought was "That's Gen Alistair's 'Golden Thread" snapped then".

    However, I see from the article that Brig Allan Alstead was way ahead of me. Annabelle Ewing MP (did she get that ARRSE mug?) said it is "another stab in the back" for soldiers who had risked their lives.

    Link to Herald front page article here: I'll post the text later.
  2. Logically this MOD plan will also block funding for many regimental museums elsewhere in the UK.

    Anyone heard of other proposals for centralised regional museums? In some cases, presumably these can be based on existing large-regiment museums, with 'smaller' museums losing any Defence funding and also, equally importantly, losing for ever their link with today's Army.

    Are regimental museums not a part of the Army's local "footprint" which we hear so much about?
  3. X-Inf

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    I suppose I should be surprised and shocked, but after the actions of our 'glorious leaders' over the past few months I can't say that I am.

    It will be interesting to see what comments the ECAB will make now and if PoD will continue to say that the long term plan is all that counts.

    There are calls for 'Peoples Museums' to be set up, and in fact many have been, but it should be noted that the Regimental Museums are about the people of the local community. It does not matter if a person actually served with that unit, as most people will have family links somewhere along the line. Getting shot of local Regimental museums is something which concerns the community as a whole.

    I am sure that if a poll of those people visiting Regimental museums were to be made, only a small portion would have actually served with that particular Regiment.

    If you hear of anything being set up to try and counter this, other than the STSR campaign, please let us all know, I will do so also if I hear.
  4. All the more important campaigns like STSR. There seems to be a building momentum for other campaigns as well.

    Thes proposed "changes" are far deeper and cutting than many realise
  5. 'Roger', RCSignals. Jings!

    That Herald front page article in full:

    Copyright notice included. I trust The Herald wont mind our reproducing their excellent article in the circumstances, any problems to or the moderators. We do know that as well as the occasional masked appearances by "adenoidal 22-year old hacks" looking for dirt, several top journalists make entirely appropriate use of this fine website to check facts, and get a feel for all-ranks opinion. This "Current Affairs" forum has consistently helped to raise the web profile of the quality newspapers, especially the Scottish ones. Hope you will return the favour!

  6. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    R Sigs, you may have picked up my comment re STSR wrongly. I am not in any way putting down STSR it is just that they are well known. My point was should there be a separate campaign and if so please let us know. BTW, if I can get away from work I will be on the April jaunt.

    I will try and make myself more clear in future.
  7. X-Inf

    Just seen your post. Masterly summary. Every one of the regimental museums I have visited in different parts of the UK was excellent in its own way. I happen to be fond of one which has no space for interactive modernistic displays, but is packed with well-displayed and catalogued items from so many of our country's wars, and donated by named "all ranks" and their families. I have seen visitors from home and abroad wandering around the galleries, and exclaiming with delight on recognising individual and family names.

    Most of such items will never be displayed in a centralised museum. The Scottish United Services Museum in the Castle is excellent, but it doesnt cover the same ground - and never could.

    The "community" aspect you point out is most important, although with a potential double edge if others dont present it carefully: proponents of this centralisation could be tempted to say "well, if its a community asset, the community can pay for it".

    The answer to that false argument can be developed in this thread. I would say that it would indeed be a betrayal, and also self-defeating in terms of footprint and recruiting, to decree that the service and sacrifice represented in our museums will now be reduced to a flashing-lights centralised theme display.

    Many of the donors (and I know one rather well :oops: ) are still with us but that's not the point:

    Not only do we and the MOD have a duty to previous generations of soldiers, but the Army and the community can only lose by consigning most of the displays to dusty store-rooms.
  8. Not at all X-Inf. I think we are more likely on the same page in this.
  9. Good point. Maybe I'd better try to get there too.

    Which sparks a dramatic veer off topic :oops: : As many will have seen (and I know the threads ARE being read), I and others are heavily involved in the "voter registration/voting arrangements" campaign.

    Unavoidably we've had to post some pretty turgid information in those threads, including analysis aimed not at the forces community but mainly at "outside observers".

    As you will have noticed, this week there has been welcome progress on several fronts. Not taking any of the credit away from any of the politicians who have taken this up, including now the PM, but I confirm we have been consulting "off-line" and would, of course, be happy to speak to any political affiliation about our emphatically non-partisan campaign.

    Reason I am saying this is that I hope after all the lively discussion which sparked this campaign off in the first place, I hope that all the alleged 'expertise' currently being displayed in that thread does not put any member off from contributing, and picking up some of the issues we have aired. Just one example, what will the view be if the General Election does take place in early March, with the renewed MOD electoral registration efforts thus largely wasted?

    Errrrm... back on topic :oops: :oops: :wink: , 'Herald' editorial opinion piece to follow.
  10. as promised, more from The Herald
  11. The cynic in me would suggest that if this Government is working so hard to re-write history so that our youth learn about our past colonial shame rather than our glorious past, that the idea of men joining regiments and fighting with pride for King/Queen and country is anathema to the party that wants loyalty to itself rather than a nation.

    Interestingly, I read a thread that had an article in it from a left-wing think tank that has recognised how Labour have tried to create a culture of dependancy for each and every type of demographic, and part of that culture must be severing links with a past that did not need New Labour and reinforcing the belief that we cannot survive without them. Can anyone say "totalitarian state"?
  12. Here comes the Socialist Paradise, where everyone is equally miserable!

    actually i have heard something about this at a dinner we had in Nov up in the Bydandie musuem. they have decided to break completely away from MOD funding for this very reason (hence lots of fund raising coming soon - watch this space).

    We should all encourage our Reg'ts to take less funding from the MOD and riase funds in other ways (the GH's have some excellent ideas). Not always practical i know, but....

    One of the problems they had up in A'deen was making all exhibits wheelchair access, at ridiculous costs, just in case someone came by. Previously it had been done by lifting them up a few stairs, but apparently the Health & Safety weren't happy! (shock)
  13. Good points. If the Museums can get by without MOD funding, that would be immensely better than them closing in favour of a centralised facility. No doubt MOD might then kindly allow them to retain most of "their own" exhibits on loan.

    As to raising funds, yes I think there was something in my mail, half completed but not yet sent, thanks for reminder :wink:

    Another question is how this affects Museums on Govt property - off the cuff I can think at least 3 Inf (and 1 Cav). Fortunately most of these are also ancient monuments, where the museums undeniably form part of the public attraction.

    I dont know how the centralised museum will work. And location? directed to someone's constituency as part of an urban regeneration project?
  14. One of the old and bold suggested to me that each battalion of the new Royal Regiment of Scotland might maintain a small museum at its permanent base when these are assigned. But since one's likely to be Fallingbostel and another located in sunny-Ulster-by-the-sea, that's not tremendously convenient for visiting vets.
  15. Interesting suggestion, although a QM's (and curator's) nightmare?

    Although, I havent personally come across anything in infantry battalions quite comparable with some excellent "battery history rooms" which I have seen in RA Regts. (Have heard of others doing similar.) Hate to lavish praise on the Gunners :wink:, but as a huge generalisation they tend to much better in maintaining links with the Old and Bold, and inviting them over for regtl occasions, even in Germany. Some of us could learn from that.