Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by samain11, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. 330k to bring prosecution against a hunt in CMD's constituency. I am glad I stopped putting any money in their boxes
    some time ago when I found out how much they pay their senior staff.
    Couldn't that money have been used to help rehome some of the thousands of healthy dogs they put down each year
    instead of playing politics with the life of one pest?
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  2. Agreed, those costs are phenomenally high - I'd love to see an itemised breakdown.
  3. I stopped donating after they spent £16 million for a new headquarters....
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  4. They've had a hard time of it in the courts too recently. A large number of their alleged animal cruelty cases have been binned because they either had factual errors in evidence at court or exceeded their powers during the investigations.
  5. Doubt it. It's a cause. Common sense doesn't come into it. I bet they hear choirs of Angels whenever somebody in a Red Jacket ends up in the dock. I just hope that they have to pay the court costs. To be fair it's the same on the other side. You want to get rid of a fox? Shoot the bloody thing, or set a trap involving a marble that gets kicked into a bath and down a zig zag set of stairs onto a seesaw that knocks a diver into a bathtub that releases the cage - or something like that.

    I did have a laugh when the League against cruel sport set up a freepost (i.e. They pay) for donations and the Hunting set posted them paving slabs and house bricks. I love it when single issue zealots get their asses handed to them.
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  6. [h=1]RSPCA millions go on politics and HQ[/h][h=2]Critics fear charity is losing sight of its role to help animals, writes Thomas Penny[/h]

    12:01AM BST 24 Jul 2002

    The RSPCA is one of Britain's richest charities. High profile animal welfare work by its uniformed inspectors ensures that it has a steady stream of income from donations and legacies.

    Half of the £70 million it spent last year was on the 328-strong inspectorate and on prosecutions. But it is the way that money is spent elsewhere that has raised concerns.

    The society has new headquarters near Horsham, West Sussex, and trustees complain of the mountains of paperwork produced by their bureaucracy.

    Campaigns, including the drive against hunting, cost the charity £4,415,000 last year. Freedom Food cost £1,632,000 in direct grant aid, even though trustees have been repeatedly assured that it would be self-funding.

    A council member said: "The problem is that the society has never had to worry about making money so hasn't had to worry about economising
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  7. My experience of the RSPCA is that unless it's high profile, with all the attendant publicity, they won't attend because "they're too busy" or "we don't really do that, try a local charity"
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  8. Ditto that.

    They do not appear to assist wild life issues in Milton Keynes and instruct you to phone another animal charity 'as it is not our remit'.


    It does not stop the RSPCA phoning you up some weeks later asking for a donation!!!
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  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Courts have, for many years, almost without witohut exception awarded the RSPCA costs in whatever prosecutions they bring - and if they lose, or the person could not pay, they have again almost always made a payment order from public funds, as the RSPCA were traditionally seen as 'good guys'. This has changed a bit recently, but in general still holds sway.

    So in this case, it's clear that the Judge did not do this - although the RSPCA probably expected to get away with it all being paid for, as normal, by the State.
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  10. People I know called them to report some old pikey and the way he was treating his ponies and dogs.Their response "Oh now we don't want to upset the travelling community"

    Lots of numbers here relating to their income.
    Charity Performance
  11. They have a curious attitude to which animals they care about too, badgers are sacrosanct to the extent that the RSPCA boss basically threatened farmers participating in the proposed cull with "naming and shaming". Which would probably have lead to some of them having their barns/tractors/children torched by some of the loony fringe.
    They don't seem to give a stuff about the hedgehog though which is quickly being eaten into extinction by a badger population that has doubled or tripled in the last 25 years.
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  12. Wouldn't piss on the RSPCA if it was on fire.

    Great at putting down healthy dogs - the only solution they seem to have - and they don't give a **** about animal cruelty unless there's money and/or publicity involved.

    Should set the Hunt on them. Prize bastards.
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  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I presume that it is only since Badgers became a protected species that their numbers have increased in this manner? They have no predators (other than cars) and are pretty much at the top of the food chain. Are they responsible for the reduction in numbers of hedgehogs, ground-nesting birds, etc?

    When a kid, I used to go out with an old villager in Devon who trapped badgers. He sold the pelts to make shaving brushes, and ate the meat - very tasty it is too.