RSPB Hypocrisy

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by ugly, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    From the CA tonight;
    The RSPB has today published information relating to its use of egg oiling, nest destruction and the culling of birds. This is in response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Countryside Alliance.
    In his blog the RSPB's Martin Harper admits that in 2011/12 the charity obtained licences from Natural England to kill three adult lesser black-backed gulls and destroy 76 large gull nests and also killed 292 carrion crows and 11 magpies under open general licences.
    The charity also said it oiled, to prevent hatching, 73 greylag goose eggs and more than 25 Canada goose eggs and destroyed 195 barnacle goose eggs.
    We have also found out, through the Freedom of Information Act request, that the charity obtained a licence*in 2011 to destroy the eggs of black swans.
    In recent weeks the RSPB has used highly emotive language to criticise the granting of licences by Natural England to destroy the nests of buzzards and manage gull populations. Now, however, we find out that the Society has been carrying out exactly the same sort of activities for its own purposes.
    The RSPB's use of the licensing system seems to be perfectly legitimate and justified but looks extraordinarily hypocritical in light of its recent comments about other licence applications.
    If the licence system is correct when used by the RSPB, then it must also be correct when used by other applicants.
    Barney White-Spunner
    Executive Chairman*
  2. I like the RSPCA.
  3. That's nice.

    I like nude ladies, what has that to do with the RSPB?
  4. A that wonderful group of arrogant birdbotherers who believe that birds are more important than humans. As a community we have had some quite serious run ins with them in the past and to be honest, I would not piss on them if they were collectively on fire.
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  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If I were you I would piss on them, you make firewater!
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  6. We had issues with the RSPB here. A very unique costal loch was home to Brown Trout. Over thousands of years the Brown Trout had developed into a very unique colour morph to suit their surrondings (a brackish loch). The genetics of these trout were very important and unique, and found only in this loch.

    The RSPB bought the loch and declared it a sanctuary. They started to feed the resident birds grain. Much of this sank in the loch and rotted. The nutrients, over a period of a few years, rose significantly and algae blooms became common place.

    With the feeding came more birds, so much so that on a winters day an area about the size of Wembly is totally covered in Geese. Add to that the thousands of other birds (mostly gulls) that are on it, it adds up to a huge amount.

    With this brought bird shite. Again this added to the pollution of the water.

    The last survey by SEPA showed that there was no fish life in this loch and insect life was severly affected.

    The RSPB are interested in one thing, and forget the natural balance required on waters like this.
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  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I liked that post but only because there isnt a "That makes me ******* angry!" button!
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  8. Same here.
  9. Similar problem here with cormorants, however due to the rspb not employing locals they failed to understand that cormorants are looked upon as food here. Problem soon sorted itself out. :rofl:
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  10. The RSPB and RSPCA dont live in the real world , it would be better to let BASC and the NGO take over their roles in the countryside.
  11. BASC? Great, I'd look forward to being charged £500 for a Certificate of Competent Walking and then have them connive to ban walking to protect pheasant shoots.

    BASC can kiss my hairy arse.
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  12. I like them as well.
  13. Barney White-Spunner is a hat with wings, the porky mofo.
  14. RSPB policy makers are second only to NTS in their complete ignorance of all things conservation - though to be fair, some of the RSPB keepers are good old fashioned killers who realise the importance of predator control, as the keepers at Rothiemurchus happily filled us in on what they really did when we had a field trip from my gamekeeping college many moons ago,

    (and for those who don't know about how badly NTS fucked up with Mar Lodge, read the independent review: )