why does every new RSM try to think they are the only one to have ever been an RSM and change everything that worked perfectly before they turned up?
Nothing wrong with fresh ideas and I bet you dont mind the new RSM changing things when he replaces a right tosser!
OK you big badges win, only because I have to listen to you.  For now anyway as ive just come up trumps on the LOTTERY so happy changes, have a nice life, if you get one ;D
RSMs change stuff because they would only have to sort out their choices for EFP candidates and that can't take up very long. I think they just get board and idle hands are the devils play thing!


What you say is right Harry, but it is made worse when no one else does either, it seems the man's word is complete Law...what power. No doubt some one will reply with the word re-dress, how many of those are successful.!!
Do you want to tell him that he shouldnt change it.  Its not too bad because it give everyone a kick start every 2 years and wakes up the old RSMs "Inner circle" to the fact that they are not untouchable anymore.

The senior soldier should lay down his law, he earned it.
harry, i wouldn't just blame RSM's...every cmdr thinks he's got to change everything.  new broom and all that.
hey...i'm still getting paid at the end of the month!!!
Come on there all real cool guys really and every one needs a hug mmm yes lets get fluffy coz thats what will happen or we could get fell in three ranks and jail each other

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