rsms pension

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stationaryclerk, May 15, 2008.

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  1. hi all
    ive heard rumors but im not sure that after 22yrs as a private solider that you get a rsm,s pension does any one no if this is true ive done 18yrs now ive asked my clerks and there not sure but others ive spoken too say that i am entitled to it is there such a pension
    if there is can someone let me no

    many thanks
    concerned private
  2. Fuck me your flying mate.
  3. Fukc me mate - Do you not think that you can push to at least Lance Jack in the next four years??
  4. Did you get VENG mate?

    Massive WAH.
  5. yeah i flying high :lol: noe doubt ill get lance jack was promised it 9 years ago when doing a full screws job but nought came of it unless your 18 and army barmy in my rgt you dont get ought :p
  6. na didnt want it 22 years is long enough 8O
  7. If someone comes into your room and you are asleep you can hit them within the first 30 seconds of waking up and not be in trouble for it etc etc
    This has to be a WAH and the should really be in the lamp and sandbag forum.
  8. Not really stacker1 there was a big lanky 20 yr Sapper at my last place with a Freddie Mercury tash.
  9. How the fcuk did you get out of getting a brown letter :?
  10. Yes but was he dozy enough to believe the RSM pension story?
  11. I don't think he new which country he was in to be honest.
  12. Was he scottish? I may know who you mean.
  13. No mate he had a really camp manc accent RE sigs or MEC3S whatever they call it.
  14. It's another awesome military urban myth.
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