RSMs Old and New Name and Shame

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mcksteve, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. This was ideaed (there is no such word) by another post concerning RSMS, new ones, who changes things that work. I remember one in particular who was not happy with a display gun at the camp gates in Osnatraz, been there for years at the camp gate, and he wasn't happy with its bearing. A bloody crane moved the thing about 3 payers money!!!!!!
  2. Oh, and the grass needed returfing where the wheels had stood for many a year!
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    But there was also good RSMs at 2ND
  4. I know a story about an RSM\QMs (or was RQMS?) pet project, the regimental 9 hole golf course at a barracks somewhere in England....
  5. I remember learning bayonet drill on my Crew Commander's course at Hopton Barracks (C Bty/3RHA) in 1976.

    "Wing Nut", the RSM, (ears like jug handles) came to berate us for being "idle" and was standing under the noses of the front rank, foaming at the mouth and waving his pace stick about.

    He went very quiet, then very pale... Then our Bdr came and released the bayonet sticking through his hand from the SLR.

    Anybody remember Paddy Steele from Woolwich in '73?
  6. Yes I knew him, but he was QM then. His son son was in My regiment in Germany.
  7. Fat Boy Lew*s 7 RHA, he was a obese bully boy BSM/RSM from start to finnish of his blinkered RA career, which rotated round rugby and his belly.

    His ignorance and arrogant ways ensured that he failed the comission's board, oh how we laughed.....

    His popularity was shown on the farewell to Aldershot parade when someone launched a pint pot at his sward.

    Most of the blurkes got pay back his on his siblings............... :wink:
  8. Would he have got RSM if he hadn't been skipper of the rugby team?

    When his boy was 4 he used to get mates to offer the young lad a sweet. The boy was trained to reply "feck off you filthy pervert". Nice touch.

    When I was GPO I remember meeting one of the Gnrs on the battery gun position, 2 weeks into an exercise, when Lew*s was TSM. The lad was retching violently. I said "Whats wrong with you Gnr Crxxxings?" He said: "Its Sergeant Major Lew*s Sir. (retch) He stuck his fingers up his arrse (retch) then he's just stuck them up my nose (vomit copiously)".
  9. Answer NO

    I was waiting with a large number of blokes from the brigade on Purple Star, we had been on the ground for a few days and due to crap admin hadnt recieved any water or ration resup.

    Anyhow fat boy turned up at the same time as a patrol of P Troop who had procurred a jerry can of water. He roared at them to bring it to him. He then waddled about two paces into the bush off the tarmac and dropped his keks had a cr*ap and poured the water from the can on his arse whilst rubbing vigourously with bog roll. He left the said fallout on the surface so plenty of flies were buzzing around he then washed his hands with the remainder of the jerry can, and we are suppose to look up to the RSM.......

    This was in front of a whole Coy Gp from 1 para, who also hadnt had water and were toilet trained. He wandered around with no webbing and his smock open for the remaining hours only stopping to ask us why we hadnt shaved...........

    When the first C130 turned up he barged onto it bellowing I aint waiting I will miss my scoff..........

    Boss Man that be Taff C*******s? of glass back fame that reguarly retched whilst walking down s*unk tree ave, Lille Bks?
  10. He got off lightly, I got a 3 week old bell cheese tache, thats just naaaaasty
  11. Thats the man! A good bloke - didn't he go to Pathfinders? Probably still retching...
  12. Paddy finished as a Lt Col and then served as RAA secretary at Woolwich for quite awhile, certainly into 2000/2001. He might still be doing it, not sure. Good bloke though.
  13. The same, hopefully sports afternoons will resort to fishing and potted sports........ Not scale A's watching the chosen few :twisted:
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Some of you will notice that i have deleted a couple of posts , my main reason is PERSEC of the individual concerned and i have also been asked by him to delete any reference to his new appointment.

    Tight lines boys.....
  15. Why hasnt he told his missus yet........ :oops: