RSM's of Yore...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Desperate Dan, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Here's a few

    Cartwright - Ouston - Right old Bsterd

    Obrien - York - Bsterd

    Ashwell - Wildenrath - Gent

    and finally....

    He was "just" an SSM

    Jock the Frock McDonald QoHLDRS (RIP) a true gent
  2. Painful memories of ...
    The badge at Vimy Lines, Sep 1963.
    A Licence at 24 Sigs in 1963-64.
    The twat at Gaza Lines in 1972.
    Big sod wi' a tache at 11 Sigs during RSSGTs' in 1973.
  3. Grumpy, that would be TJ Licence 62 - 65.
  4. The Rasman at 28 (BR) Sigs Regiment, Fransica Barracks, St Tonis, Krefeld in 1964 - 1966. WO1 Sp*nc*... was his name..... even the Co Lt Col P*g*n was scared of him... so it was believed....
  5. "Pinkie" probably because of his rosy complexion. RSM QRIH during my time in the late 1970's. The day he was commissioned I remember him standing outside the NAAFI, taking salutes from nigh on the whole fecking regiment.

    And the Badge from 3 Regt ACC, later the Admin Officer with 664. Going round the lines in Soest 1983 or so, you'd keep your head down in case he'd freeze you from half a mile away with his big feck off "Oiiiiiiii!!!" before you ducked and lost yourself in the barrack rooms.
  6. At least three whole Regiments of cooks then?
  7. ACC or AAC?

    83 would probably be S**d M***y a he wore PJI/APJI? wings. Though. i don't remember him being commissioned. His replacement was though, if my memory serves me correctly.
  8. OBrien- scary!

    Jock The Frock - McDonald - Definitely a true gent.

    Desperate Dan We must know each other?
  9. Tom Licence - that's the fellow. He had (at least) one son, who in time became an RSM in the Corps.
    The badge at 11 Sigs in 1973 was Alan Walton, and he was like something nasty out of the 1950's. He was later posted to 3 Div as an Admin Offr, to my ruddy Sqn. Happily he'd calmed down a lot by the time he reached us in 1983.
    I could also mention ..
    Dave Spiers - 1 Div .. tw*t!
    John Kirkman - 3 Div .. good bloke & good RSM
    The late Steve Marshall - also 3 Div .. an absolute sh1t at that time! What made it worse was that we'd served together in the Paras as Cpl's, Sgt's, and SSgt's, side-by-side, good buddies, too, but when he put on the badge, $%^&^*!!
  10. It was Terry Licence Grumpy, passed away in 1988.
    Steve (The Snake) Marshall - rest his soul - knew him as QM (T) 3ADSR, agreed, he could be a shit!

  11. You never know mate, PM me
  12. Well,
    at least he was consistent. He was a sh!t whilst SSM at 249 Sigsqn AMF(L).

    Are we allowed to submit AAColl RSMs? As a fresh-faced young lad, I thought Sammy Connor (Irish Guards) was pretty effing terrifying.