rsm - wannabe ba*tard???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by weasel99, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Is the trainees wearing OGs and the Corporals wearing Cbt95 not enough of a difference for you?
    Have we got a new RSM since a fortnight ago (I've been on leave)? If we haven't, the one we have now is actually a decent bloke, whenever I've been up on guard briefs he always seemed pretty chilled.

    forgot to add - I'm yet to see a squad of full secrews marching anywhere either.
  2. well, heres a shocker, been in the job for one day and already posts are appearing on here. makes a change not to be a complaint about blandford though !! to me it sounds like a challenge. its not the fact that people jhave to march is it ?? we are in the army and that is the way of the green machine, to be told on a ssm parade that the badge sees no difference between a 6 month trainee and a ten year full screw is beyond belief !! is this bloke on drugs ! people keep banging on about setting an example to the trainees and giving them something to aim for, what incentive is there for them to get to cpl, and get treated the same ?? nothing like a bit of morale amongst the troops. 10 out of 10 for effort sir, you know how to keep the lads happy !
  3. well now ... jimmy's best mate, well see who your best mate is when you return to this lovely dump, theres a new sherriff in town and he is a co*k end
  4. Maybe he does'nt cut it with you weasel....but do you think he will be losing sleep over it? I'm sure if he was to mention you by name on an open forum you would soon cry "injustice". Get a fcuking grip and remember persec/opsec!
  5. devilish...."cry injustice" why the feck would i cry injustice ?? i dont give a toss about what he does here, he can have his little train set and do what he likes to every one here, it matters not to me. if he thinks that there is no difference between a cpl and a sprog, then fair enough, as much as i disagree it is after all his party. so devilish my horny little frienfd feck off
  6. Maybe if the majority of Phase 3 Soldiers (key word here is soldiers) were not such a bag of sh1t and stopped themselves from promoting a "I dont give a sh1t" attitude then maybe you would have a better standing with the hierachy!

    The current badge is a dam decent bloke and if the dross are on here spitting their venom then that means he is probabley doing a dam fine job!

    Now pick up your dummy and fall in, dont forget the arm swings from front to rear, lock out the elbows and get on the heel.... MORE YET!
  7. fancy this an mt mong siggy gets to walk round camp like an adult but a full screw tech/operator/is op /mech all get to march around and get treated like a bunch of kids. If the co8k wants rules they should apply accross the board irespective of the role played within blandford. But then there are other units on camp and how can the CO's new puppet argue with them
  8. much as i hate it and think it's a bag of bollox. We had been asked nicely to toe the line of a training regiment and warned what would happen if we didn't.

    I'm as guilty as anyone else of the don't give a sh*t attitude, yes there are hundreds of reasons why especially the current tech situation. However the whole corps can't grind to a halt because we're p*ssed off.

    From the sounds of it we're just going to have to play the game on this one until the new badge is happy and this cools down. Weasel accussing the badge of not being man enough to fcuk us around properly on here is the most fcuking stupid thing i've ever seen, if he doesn't read this site i know plenty of members of the mess that do, grow up fella.

    The one thing that does grip my sh*t is berets indoors, marching round is a pain, but we were warned. but the hat thing is just a stupid, why?
  9. Here we go again.

    A tech v's Phase 3's and Perm staff thread. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    edited to add: Not all techs me would think
  10. one gripe i did think about. Whats the score with gripping people for not obeying the new rules before you've told them what the rules are. fcuking hate to be on a sports afternoon with the rsm bet he always wins.
  11. Hmmm i am not even sure of who the badge is down there at the moment and in the grand scheme of things it matters not.

    What does matter is that the attitude today seems to be one of whinge and whine instead of grin and bear it ;)

    Thats why all the keyboard warriors get on here, half of whom will never make RSM :D

    If he was reading this he probably would think what a load on knobbers, nothing better to do than bitch about being told what to do, when in reality its rare that they actually ruin a regiment, its normally the people at the bottom that implement low standards and not the other way round ;)

    Granted there are plenty of occassions where we at the bottom end of the pile see things differently but most of us have the sense to put our heads down and keep going, rather than wasting effort blowing smoke about it, my advice would be do as most others do and errr stick with tradition, its always worked in the past.

    Failing that knock on his door and tell him what a fine job he is doing, ask for a coffee and some biscuits and call him a c*ck then when you have had your say, let him have is, hand your webbing in and sod off :D

    oh and thats supposed to be lighthearted banter by the way ;)
  12. Can someone tell me exactly what was said on parade this morning then?
  13. Here we go again.

    A change in the heirachy results in a reaction on here again. Do you not think thats what they're after and your just proving their point. I've just left that dump and i'm quite glad of it but its blandford it's always been like this and it always will be. The new guy comes in makes a few changes then gets all uppity about it. If you just ignore it then it'll go away in a few weeks has done every other time its happened. Jesus i remember the upgraders bitching 6 years ago when they were told they had to march about the place exactly the same way we bitched 6 months ago and you're bitching now. Challenging the badge on an open forum is hardly a good idea though is it. Have your whinge but keep it at that. Theres no point making a bad situation worse remember it's the badge that keeps all the crackpot schemes that come from higher up away from you and unless you wanna lose your tellys and stereos and other civvy kit as has been suggested before then i'd calm down trying to bait the badge.
  14. nothing we walked out of blocks to get shouted at. We found out at 1630 that all on course personnel are supposed to be marching arms shoulder high in squads everywhere on camp regardless of rank.

    can't wait to see the other cap badges reaction.

    edited to say thebull makes more or less the same point i made earlier possibly a bit better because i had left before the crap 6 yrs ago and hadn't arrived 6 months ago