RSM sacked for bullying

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_gun, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Just read the paper about the sandhurst RSM being binned for bullying cadet officers. Now i know i joined in the late 70's and left at the end of the 80's after 12 great years but what is this modern army coming to.

    He never laid a hand on anyone. All he did was what RSM's are renown for, scare the sh*t out of you on a daily basis. This was describes by one as "intolerable" and "an embarrassment to the Army. Your dead right it's an embarrassment. He was also accused of making them come to attention and stand at ease then back to attention. Jesus Christ, now that is abuse if ever i seen it (not).

    Is this what it's like serving in this day and age. I fear out reputation as the best and toughest army in the world is on the slide if the more prissy recruits are allowed to dictate what happens when the Ras Man raises his voice.
  2. Thank you old_gun do you have a link on this?

    Regards and best wishes
  3. The Sun and the Mail carried this story today. It wasn't in the Telegraph. If the story is truthful, it seems very strange to sack someone who was the archetypal RSM - reportedly, he shouted at everyone!

  4. Maybe they had to act because a number of OCdts complained about the swearing, etc. Especially in the light of other scandals with recruits.

    It didn't say whether the complaining OCdts were all a bunch of weak individuals, similar to big girls blouses and with spines roughly similar to that of a jelly fish.

    They can't sack a RSM for being a Regimental Scary Monster. That is what he there for. A bit of swearing never hurt any one.

    I had a Guards RSM, and he used to go ballistic on the parade square and off. He asked me once, when I showed some indicision, if I wanted to be Apprentice Chocolate Frog or a Gunner Graham, it is a question that comes back to me when I am on my chin strap or thinking about jacking, and the answer is always the same in my head as it was that day. Somehow I think these OCdts will be poorer for his passing.

    Edit to add.

    If you can't handle a bit of an explosion on the parade ground how will you cope with a real emergency on Ops. They did know they were to be trained as leaders of the best army in the world and not the salvation army didn't they?
  5. A VILE regimental sergeant major sacked for bullying cadets at Sandhurst did not even spare Princes Harry and William.

    RSM Dean Hammond, 39 — nicknamed Osama Bin Hammond and the Herminator by terrified rookies — got his marching orders from top brass on Sunday.

    He was ordered to return to his Grenadier Guards regiment six months before completing his prestigious 18-month posting at the world famous military academy in Berkshire.

    Hammond is believed to be the first Sandhurst RSM ever to be removed from his post.

    He was hauled before senior officers after a stream of complaints from cadets at New College, where Harry was trained and William is undergoing instruction to be an officer.

    Hammond, who is 6ft 2in with a crew cut, is alleged to have subjected recruits, including the two Princes, to a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse.

    Receiving end ... Prince Harry

    The New College RSM carpeted Harry after he visited a strip club earlier this year — then was caught going to the SAME club himself with ten other Sandhurst NCOs.

    A Sandhurst insider said: “The bullying was all verbal but it involved every swear word in the English language — and then some.

    “There was no actual physical abuse but what he did to the recruits was intolerable. This is a huge embarrassment for the college and the Army.”

    Last night one cadet who passed through Sandhurst with Harry revealed the legendary tongue-lashings that made Hammond the most feared man at the academy.

    He said: “Everyone was terrified of RSM Hammond.

    “His job was to enforce discipline into cadets and junior staff and it was a job he loved. If you were unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of his tongue lashings you knew about it.

    “He’s a big guy and always carried a ‘pacy’ which is a brass-ended cane. He had a zero-tolerance approach.

    this is what rsm's do its there job.
    fcuking jurno's i shite them.
  6. If a bloody prince can take it then why cant the average working class civvy? That article is a joke

    "A Sandhurst insider said: “The bullying was all verbal but it involved every swear word in the English language — and then some."

    aww didums!
  7. what they call bullying.

    do we not call it character building.
  8. I simply cannot get my head around the concept of a British Army Regimental Sergeant Major being dismissed from his post for using adjectives of Anglo-Saxon extration to those who were offended by it!

    It absolutely beggers belief!

    Is this the British Army of is it just another branch of the Civl Service?
  9. No, there is a difference between bullying and character building, but swearing at someone who has decided to join the Army is not bullying, FFS!

    Just one question about the cadets who complained; I wonder what sort of troopies, OC's, CO's they are going to make?
  10. we all have been bawled at during careers past & present.

    same as the standard we get now...................sh1te, only looking out for no1 & the chance of a My Blokes Efforts medal.
  11. This has got to be boll*cks. It just can't be true. For a start it's in the Scum and the Daily Fascist...
  12. I still wonder what people expect when they join????

    I remember when the careers Sgt said to me, in 1997 that "it's not all screaming skulls".

    I knew he was fcking lying before I even started basic training. Some people should really do more research before they join up.
  13. I'm guessing he went through a fairly rigourous selection procedure, even more so as the Academy Sergeant Major as opposed to, say, an AI so what changed? Somehow I can't see him changing his ways in 12 months so what has changed in Sandhurst/Army/MoD?