RSM of the British Army?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by ibilola, Aug 10, 2004.

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  1. Other Armed Forces (US and Australian Army)have a senior NCO/WO who advises the top brass on NCO/soldiers issues.

    Should the British Army have the same?
  2. Yes, and it should be me !

    Seriosly though, I think it could be a good idea if they got the right man, ie someone with no interest in a LE Commission, who's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.
  3. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    i think you will find thats
    Garrison Sgt Major, London District
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  4. ahem.
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  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Surely you mean the Academy RSM - isn't he the most senior WO1 in the Army?

    Hmm on reflection, I think that sought after position may belong to some sort of Bandsmen WO1.

    Is there a Guardsman out there who can enlighten us!?
  6. The senior soldier(s) in the British Army are not RSMs, they are RLC Conductors, The senior RSM is the Academy RSM at RMAS followed by London District GSM. Hoorah for the RLC!
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  7. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    as far as i am aware G.S.M london is the senior post Bad

    but i have been out of the guards a while and will await to be corrected :D
  8. No the Senior WO is Conductor RLC

    But seriously there's no formal senior WO position in the Britsh Army. My question is should we have one?
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  9. Wrong! I think in reality the Guards RSMs are far more prestigious and have a bigger role in the army etc, but the Conductors are "Superior to any non commisioned rank but inferior to any commissioned rank".
  10. Last I heard (before all this PDR,SDR & PVR) The highest appointment for any WO1 is that of a conducter in the RLC. :D

    I could be wrong, I could be right.

    But how would a WO1 of the British Army be in touch with the infantry man and Tradesman hes supposed to represent. Isnt that the job of all the Corps RSMs, (I dont know the Infantry equivalent if there is one, sorry).

    Also I thought all senior WO1s got together every couple of years and discussed this sort of thing any way.
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  11. What a fcuking let down eh? All those famous infanteer and Cav mobs with millions of battle honours and ancient traditions and the top Joe is a blanket stacker.

    Why didn't Elstree make a film with one of these cookies in it. Something like ' A blanket too far' or 'Force G1098 from Naverone'.
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  12. Yes sorry, steered off the question.

    The AcSm hosts an RSMs convention every year where a few top brass get the opinions from the trenches as it were, but there is no individual in an advisory post and i feel the present system is better, no biase to one capbadge etc. Surely the experience of dozens of RSMs is better than one
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  13. Thats why most conducters are honuary members of the officers mess rather than the seniors.
  14. But why does the issue have to be capbadges? Woudn't a formal senior WO position rise above that and benefit all soldiers?
  15. And are WO1 Conductors honorary members of the Officers Mess. Sounds unlikely to me!