RSM John Lord

I'm trying to find a book called "To Revel in God's sunshine" by Richard Alford, which is the biography of the legendary RSM Lord.

Has anyone got the book, read the book or any better at Googling than me as I can't find it!

Can anyone recommend any other books about John Lord?
All I've been able to find is this:

On the Word Of Command: A Pictorial History of the Regimental Sergeant Major. Richard Alford. Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Spellmount, 1990.

To Revel in GodÂ’s Sunshine: The Story of the Army Career of the Late Academy Sergeant Major J. C. Lord, MVO, MBE. Compiled by Richard Alford. Kendal, Cumbria: Westmorland Gazette, 1981.

Don't know if it'll be of any help, but I thought I'd let you know!
Thanks Dozybint, I found reference to the book (not the one you gave me so thanks) but cant find the book itself anywhere.

Several good stories / anacdotes about JC Lord out there, but no bloddy book!!

no luck on abe books :(
we have quite a bit of info on rsm john lord in the musuem-including john lords para regiment song book from his time as a pow in stalag xib here in fallingbostel.
ive also got photo copies of his notes on his de breif and treatment as a pow.
RSM J C Lord gets a mensh in a book on British PoWs in Germany that I bought for a gift (quick read through while wrapping). Name escapes me for now but the man sounds like a bonafide military monarch. Captured at Arnhem IIRC, undaunted.

Not what you're after but may contribute to the man's overall bio.
Ex PARA in my Legion branch told me this story about Mr Lord. Apparently even though he was RSM of a PARA battalion, he insisted on wearing his Guards forage cap. So whilst at a urine-up in the Sgts Mess his cap was destroyed. The other Sgts couldn't wait to see hm on parade the next morning without the cap. However they were disappointed when he marched on the next morning complete with forage cap slashed peak and all.

He had noticed his cap had gone missing, twigged what was going on and promptly sent the battalion's despatch rider on a motorbike to Welly B to pick up a replacement...
I have an original copy of the book, signed by Richard Alford and Ray Sheriff.

I've had it for a good few years now, it originated from Terence Wise Military Books in Knighton, Powys
Just read the BBC link.

This is outstanding...

He then worked as a telephony engineer in Gloucester until his retirement in 1980
Just wondering why the R.Sigs don't let in Techs with colour blindness?

How he managed to get "black bastarsd raped my etc" in Braille on those wire wound resistors and caps. My hat gos off to him twice.
Rooper said:
I have an original copy of the book, signed by Richard Alford and Ray Sheriff.

I've had it for a good few years now, it originated from Terence Wise Military Books in Knighton, Powys
Thanks, they've changed their name to Bellona Books now. Will give them a try.

If they don't have it, you wouldn't lend me it would you :eek:
Attended a lecture on leadership by RSM Lord early 1960s. Wonderful chap, had us all on the edge of our seats - at the position of attention of course!
R.S.M J C LORD parachute regiment , arnhem p.o.w E-Bay Item number: 130142187873
The book I mentioned earlier is;

POW (Allied Prisoners in Europe 1939-1945) by Adrian Gilbert.
My NCOs course were issued with a text of the Address by RSM Lord on leadership to RMAS. I don't suppose it was a one-off, but part of the course.

A damned good read though - anyone got a copy to publish ?.
RSM Lord is mentioned here

(linked PDF on the page with a quality photograph of the great man).

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