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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Is it time for the RD fraternity to take their place in the relevant Ops team?
    At the very least training could be de conflicted in an organised manner. Or can they keep their nice offices and just revert to low pay band?
  2. Is that you in your nice walnut office, all to yourself?
  3. Isn't the RSM, historically on operations, the CO's driver/escort? That and i/c casualty handling/graves affairs. I can't really see them having anything else to do, as it will all be covered by YofS/FofS/RQMS Tech+Gen/MTWO/RCWO. With the QMSI in charge of prisoners. Could be wrong though. Any older generations on here who remember the old days (even before the days of that 'long gun')?
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  4. Couple of points to consider.
    Equal pay should mean equal responsibility.
    And as our core business is delivering communications, how about increasing the horsepower in the Ops room by including the RSM / SSM possibly on the pers / trg desk.

    Everything should be suspect to review and change.
  5. And ensures repatriation goes well to.... I agree with Roadster....This is irrelavent, Bore Off......... RSMs should contribute to the Ops Planning Team for sure..... and they have in all have done in all the deployed operations less those deployed with a formed JFCIS.... Get some time in on Contingency Ops and be an RSM and you might realise what a RSM actually does.....
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  6. Repatriations, really? If so, that means 2 are gainfully employed every 6 months. I'm looking at getting more out of the RD machine full stop (excluding J4). YofS and FofS used to have separate offices and now sit together in Ops rooms, probably with an OpsO. An obvious improvement. For a technical Corps we put a lot of emphasis on non technical personell, (excluding organic J4 that is).
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  7. Repatriations are the bringing back of soldiers lost on ops. Not the movement of troops in and out of theatre for each evolution of Herrick.
  8. Apologies, I don't understand your point.
  9. A bad tour would may mean more than one repatriation every 6 months (although hopefully not). It appeared you had RiP and repatriations mixed up. I was hoping to stop any confusion and the debate getting heated over a misunderstanding.
  10. Not at all. I didn't have the two mixed up either. I am also referring to Royal Signals RSMs and SSMs as opposed to Inf RSMs and SSMs who are at the top of their trade. I can't comment on how other Corps do the RD thing. I hope it's better than our take.
  11. Okey dokey, sorry. Being an-ex corps myself and also having spent most of my career in R Sigs Regt, we did it pretty mac h the same. Ops teams are for opsing and RSMs do the J1/4 stuff but are briefed accordingly.
  12. Well in these days of more admin, more paperwork, more IT, more complicated equipment, more ops, less manpower etc, anyone working in isolation is not helping to deliver maximum effect.
  13. Maybe that is a Corps issue then. As far as I am aware the Sigs is the only Corps/Regt that has its own RD 'trade'
    Everyone else merely takes a step outside for a couple of years/tours to do that job. S maybe the RD stream should be looked at and disposed of.
  14. Nup, there's a whole load of work that could be evenly distributed to great effect. Not sure getting the FofS doing block inspections would work though.
  15. If your RSM is not at the heart of Regt Ops supporting the CO and their Regt then he is not an RSM.
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