RSM disciplinary action

I have recently obtained my dad's army record. In 1944 he was a substantive WO1/RSM in one of the original Army Commandos, in his record it shows that, in the same year, he was disciplined for " Disobeying the legal order of a superior officer ". He received a severe reprimand. In talking to a T.A. colleague, he tells me that this would have been pretty serious and would have been dealt with at Brigadier level. Could anyone confirm this and what sort of disobedience would justify an RSM being charged and severely reprimanded ??
If only a severe reprimand with no loss of rank it might be some snotty Subaltern giving a cr@p order and him (experienced guy) doing something else.

Charge easy to prove, but Subbie has to be supported by CoC, but might have got a severe talking to 'off-the-record'.

Just idle speculation, you understand.
Alternatively, it may have been June 5th and he was caught phoning home to say "I won't be home tonight, love. Don't forget to put the bins out on Friday." while a ban on outside communication was in force.

I think it would have been a Colonel who would have dealt with the matter unless it went to a Court Martial.
I heard he was wearing Lowa's despite only issued kit being allowed on ops.
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