RSM appointment

Serious quest for my time raddled memory,
When a WO1 was appointed as RSM of the reg ..what was the average span or was it a fixed term?
I genuinely don't know and didn't care when it mattered.
Now there was the RSM of 1 Lancs Fusiliers who was made up at age 24 and served for donkeys years in that rank.
Price was his name, long thread on him somewhere on arrse.

Amazing tale.
Gosh, does one get appointments with the badge now, back in my day it was more a case of
You, scrote, get in 'ere. Chuftitechuftitechuftite
Extremely loud.
Army must be more civilised now.

Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE so I should probably be working....
obviously the question was to difficult for those who replied,
all I wanted to know was.. when a man got the appointment as badge how long was the normal tenure before moving to pastures new?

toffeewrapper do one.
Depends on Capbadge, but it's going to be the normal 2 year or 3 year slot.
Fascinating link to RSM Kitner Price. Definitely "old school". Thanks Hedgehog.
Slightly confusing though, as it has him being appointed as the Bn RSM at both 21 and 24 years of age!
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I'll explain why I posted what I did, just in case your medication is affecting you badly. In recent years, several have picked up, or moved on, 2 months into the job.

I think young people put it down to the tempo of operations.
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