Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GSSigs, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Just completed the RSJCLM cse.

    Hard work and long days, but a great cse.

    Thanks to all the DS for their support, esp SGT O etc etc!!

  2. Does the O stand for ORAL
  3. no 'T' in there for taper i noticed? What about 'B' for brown nose?
  4. Stop whining , your worse than my cat !!!!!
  5. O come on you know how much stick this guy would get in a real unit if he actually talked like that!!!
  6. "Can't ???? Can't means won't and won't means guardroom, are you refusing to soldier , get out of my office you 'orrid little man and pack your kit!!!"

    Happy days , fortunatly only 14 of 'em
  7. Cant beens????

    Heard of Baked beans, aisle 15. Left hand side. 39p a tin. OOOOOOO good value.

    Polar69 are you running in a costume?
  8. Ha Spaccy fingers strikes again.

    Yes I'll be running in the costume of a sweaty knackered bloke. Seriously though - no . Too much hard work running in my own skin
  9. this guy for real gssigs that is ....... who the **** sucks up like that....... the course is shit ...... your treat like shit ....... and to be honest i dont give a shit....... on the flip side ........ i got a good grade off it
  10. Are there................................any questions ?
  11. Yeah - Why do they call it Selfridges, when they don't? ;)

  12. why do camacazi pilots wear helmets ????????????
  13. Good grief, we are so polite these days.

    Whilst the TA slag off/defend it Royal Signals Det Commanders Course

    Infantry wannabees? Not delivering relevant content? 4 Sqn a bunch of walts

  14. Was that a question or a comment

    a response to your question would be, who would you like to do the job?? thinking along the lines of the infantry doing the job do you think they would be able to understand the way the royal signals operate, and in regards to that, they would only be able to teach the tactics side of the course. and where would we get them from when the Infantry are already over streched. and do you think they weould jump at a chance to teach scallies. your second question/ comment not delivering the relevant content? who do you think decides the content of the course? there are documents called RSTO's (Royal Signals Training Objectives) that they have to go from which is set by TDT based in blandford. which is formulated by the Commanding Officers of TA units. detailing what they require from the course. and your final question/ comment 4 sqn a bunch of walts. they are now MLG (Military Leadership Group), who in the main are good at what they do. if your so damming and obviously of higher standards why dont you offer your sevices to the group, i think they would jump at your offer and put you in a high post. if you dont want to do this then grow a proper spine, get off you little donkey and wind it in. or in the imortal words of sence " we have all got something to bring to this conversation! however you should only bring silence!.
    thank you i am here all week

    so the etc etc
    no disrespect to any Inf soldiers out there reading.
  15. Neither, it was a summary of the link I posted.

    You don't believe people actually try to deliver the content of RSTO's, I've been to Blandford in two different trades each with its own RSTO and been put through exact same course. Yes I complained (as does someone on every TA class 1 course). Although 4 Sqn delivers a course a heck of a lot closer to the RSTOs.