Whats the deal with RSIT these days?


When I asked if some of my det cmdrs could be left off battle camp to prep their wagons for RSIT the reply was "battle camp is the priority not RSIT".

"Ok" I thinks "maybe I'll have all day mon and tue to prep the wagons as surley they'll cancel PT for this important inspection"

How wrong I was. I now find out that the sick, lame and lazy crew have been 'working very hard' on the wagons. These being the people that sit in the stores all day when everyone is at work...

I've now got wagons going on RSIT which the det cmdrs are going to of seen for the first time in two weeks for about one day before the inspection.

RSIT is still the biggest inspection that any R Sigs unit gets in any calender year. Some units stop everything for up to two weeks before an RSIT inspection. Not this one, we stop about 2 min before RSIT...

Agreed, to an extent. The soldier first thing died with the arc!
We are obliged to reach class 3 infanteer, and nothing further.
It is not (although I reckon it should be an option ) a requirement to progress to class 2 infanteeer, and then class 1 as it is in our trades.
Notable exceptions are the mil training blokes, who go away and get treated like sh1t at ITC brecon in order to secure a high profile instructors position. (and fair play to them all)
If this were to be the case, what would we be...infantry or signals
A precedent must be set somewhere unfortunately.
We seem to have settled on being class 3 infantrymen and women (or soldiers before someone points out that there are no infantrywomen) leaving us free to concentrate on the much neglected "comms bit"
It could be quite correctly argued that the signals lack, in general the knowledge of the average infantryman, But if we were able to do their assorted jobs which are many and varied, as well as our own technical specialities.....then they would all be getting their P45s.
Apart from which, and looking from a fiscal investment point of view, the army is not going to train EVERY soldier to be a class 1 infanteer, AND still invest money in technically training these individuals.
The reason for this is that, however unpleasant it may sound, infantrymen tend to die a lot more in an average conflict, than the other arms and services.
The MOD would not be protecting their investments!
And what happens upon capture......the scaley knows loads about comms systems, intentions, ORBATs etc......why send him up toward an enemy carrying all this useful information?
Need to know would die.

aparrently 8O
RSIT prep gets less every year, cos the CO doesn't get the pat on the back he used to.......just go to a radio squadron!
RSIT is important, it is a 3rd line check on the maintainance and battleworthyness of a det. Any det should be up to spec without an intense period of prep, just as you should pass a BPFA without the need to train for it. RSIT has improved greatly over the past few years, useful advice and expertise have replaced the Ptarmigan Nazis that used to swagger around the place. The simple truth is we must be up to spec in all things, as soldiers and tradesmen. PT and mil trg must go on as must det maintanance but not one in favour of the other. Do your job well as a det comd and RSIT is a breeze, skive to survive and you may need 2 weeks to prep!!
hmmm sounds like 222 Sig Sqn to me this? :D

Although in fairness, RSIT is not what it used to be, the team inspect but advise and they certainly dont shred the det to pieces to fill reams and reams of paper ;)

The WO2 running the show is LSL and ex 222 so i wouldnt worry too much :D


Yeah that's about right. Roll on RSIT :roll:

I've calmed down now, good weekend on the lash with the missus sorts everything out a treat :D

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