Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by choff, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. Anybody got any opinions on RSIT that they wish to share?
  2. forgot to say......purely constructive
  3. A lot of time gets spent fcuking about to make everything perfect before they arrive then they only spends 2 mins looking at each det. "Don't forget to lube your mast sections". Cheers, I would never have thought of that if you hadn't mentioned it :roll: It's a lot of resources get wasted for a small inspections like this. I just seems like we are going through the motions
  4. I found that if you dont give them a fresh cup of tea every 30 minutes, they get a mood, then just rip ya wagons apart. Other times if they come slightly late or want to get away early they just gloss over things they normally would have ripped you apart for.
    The standard seems inconsistant generally across the board
  5. From what i saw, the RSIT had a lot of good points to make especially regarding cables and the storage of them.

    Without these Inspections, all of the new sprogs would never pick up on what to do as i imagine not every thing is explained to them by the det commander.
  6. But mooch surely thats what 1st and 2nd line inspections are for though, They also go to assist the DET commander in teaching the sprogs how things can be done.
    Whats so hard about following an IMI anyway??
    This surely makes RSIT just seems a bit more of a buggerance factor than anything else.
  7. Now I left the Corps a few years ago but can remember the faffing about that would happen once a year and the raise in blood pressure all round the regiments and I have these thoughts.

    I can understand the master of signals needing a team to ensure that the preagreed standards that are set for kit maintainance are acheived accross the board. This is as much for the techs/fofs/tot as it is for the operators. Perhaps the corps would be better served by doing random inspections instead of trawling all units and p1ssing everybody off. This should be done with a measure of intellegence though. A unit should be given some notice (weeks not months) and it should not be the week after a big exercise or during the middle of block leave etc. The emphasis should be on good det maintanance and documentation and not bullsh1t and should be no more stringent than a UWI. This way, the inspecting team could be smaller and they could do a thorough job. Also, when I was in the Corps, they did not do the radio dets. If this is the case then it should be changed so that standards of ALL kit may be assessed.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Didn't they fail the entire corps a few years ago for something like having 'no step' stencilled on with a 24mm stencil when it should have been a 26mm stencil?

  9. That's the sort of bullsh1t that everybody can do without.

    With smaller inspection teams it would be easier to bully and bribe your way into no A jobs.
  10. We only have one det in my troop that goes thro RSIT and it nevers goes out the garage!
    As TA it makes so much difference to training programme having so few dets that get inspected, in my last unit 20-30% of the training programme was maintenance. Plus I don't miss all the socials that went with maintenance.
  11. if the det comd is that incompetant, not to show a young sproglit how to read through an imi, he should'nt be a det comd! all rsit do is go through these imis anyway! the inspections i've had have never been all that hard, just ply the guys with brews and alls well! oh and chocolate bickis go along way to rid your det of any unwanted 'A' jobs!
  12. Mooch, its not about the standard of tuition given to the sprogs by their det commander, by the way you need to be serving to be able to say the word sprog, it's that many det commanders are young and inexperienced anyway! Whilst I have no grievance with the theory side of RSIT, I find the way in which they produce an IMI, then dont follow it verbatim on the inspection proper, more than a little disconcerting. The RSIT team need to either make the IMI more precise and exacting or stick to the one they have produced verbatim. From what I have seen the inspection process is tantamount to setting someone a history exam, then marking it against a geography answer sheet.
  13. primroseandblue.

    Did you serve in 16 pre Bos 95?.You did mention you were near Kistlejack on the RR det ,(Wankin*).

    If you were you might remember the Regiment and Sqn that deployed had more than enough time to prep pre deployment. Even after being given the 2 weeks warning the head sheds were dilling around. When it went to a couple of days it was a grade A cluster fukc.

    Working 20+hr days trying to do stuff we could have done weeks prior.

    If a Sqn can't prep for a deployment in a ouple of weeks howsit supposed to pre RSIT.

    Also remember once deployed the "fishman" saying we should not prep for RSIT .

    ARRSE that he was.
  14. I was 7 Sigs so cannot relate to any of your experiences I am afraid (apart from officers complicating the uncomplicated resulting in grief for the lads that is).

    As for prep for RSIT, follow the IMIs, act upon the points that the DTIs and UWIs throw up and have a clean detatchment. If your kit is fcuked, get it signed into the workshops and supply the required paperwork with a smile and a hot brew to the inspector. And if the det before you got ripped apart then put something nasty in said brew.

    P.S. I was on the rebro not the RR.