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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. What are RSIT inspecting these days?
  2. The same lies as they've always been inspecting, probably...
  3. Que?
  4. I was having a moment - I was thinking about all the lies I've told ECI in the past, not RSIT.
  5. ah, no point in telling them the truth. Time is better spent massaging their ego's and asking the posed questions.
  6. I'd love to know whether they've ever actually believed that a year's worth of maintenance on a det really has been carried out and recorded by the same person using the same biro which miraculously hasn't faded at all in twelve months so it all looks like it was filled in last week?

    RSIT inspected Cormorant when I was on that, I think 2 and 30 still have some? I assume they'll be looking after Falcon too, once it starts working?
  7. Cormorant, FALCON, Bowman for definite.
  8. Bowman, are you sure?
  9. Yes - at the last 2 units I've been to I have had to ensure that they have a plan so that the platform can be inspected.
  10. Yep. My place was done recently.
  11. Battery terminals for grease probably, is there a special ***** course to get on the team?
  12. To be even considered for the RSIT team you must never have completed any type of arduous course or be considered "a good lad" by your previous units.
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  13. In the bad old days of BAOR, they were a complete joke with their coveralls and stupid pointless bullshit. Stuff like NO STEP being painted the wrong colour or other such shite made a farce of the maintenance inspection process.

    When G*g took over, and I realise he wasn't everyone's cup of tea, he made it relevant and they became an aid to effective equipment husbandry and not a pointless balls ache.

    I suppose everyone has a story but I had my four Relays pulled up for the heater LED not working.

    It was actually a black plastic stop marker.

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  14. At 4 Div late 80's they picked us up for too much grease or not enough grease on the battery terminals. When they asked for feedback I asked for a picture to show "just right" , never got one the weasels.
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  15. Dust on fans :)
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