Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Biffta112, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question as no one has a straight answer at Pirbright, can lads go straight to an RSIST after completion of phase 2 training?
  2. The only Siggy post on the teams is for an RSE (no Lance Jack Tech posts either), so I'd have thought it's very unlikely.
  3. That would be a baptism of fire.
  4. I'd imagine you'd need to be at least Class 2 to go. I can't see them sending sprogs who've never done the job for real before out to the infantry.
  5. You have to pass a selection course to get on RSIST. So no chance from class 3.

    Go enjoy the job and learn it properly before trying to do it potentially on the front line.
  6. Or...and I know this is an edgy concept now, some may even describe it as thinking out of the box...

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  7. You got a chip on your shoulder?

    This isn't the naafi. Someone is asking for advice. What's wrong with wanting to have a good trade then want to test it fully where it matters?

    If someone wants to join the infantry signals platoon they will but not because some gobshite who thinks they are funny tells them to.
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  8. Calm down dear.

    If someone asks if they can go straight from basic/phase 2 to an infantry support role then that's saying to me that he may be going about things arse about tit.

    How many times do we get question about "x" trade asking if they can go all airborne/commando/gay biker as soon as they leave phase two?

    It's tedious - if you want to be a big bad infantryman then join as one as there are no short cuts through the other trades.
  9. I am infantry (ex R Sigs) however I was only asking as no one at pirbright had a definitive answer for the blokes.
  10. Care to explain how a 2 year trade course is a shortcut into the infantry???? May just be me, but that appears to be a pretty ******* stupid comment?
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  11. Hmmmm let me think...not having to do the whole combat infantrymans course and all that?

    It's not an academic short cut it's a physical one and thats not going to happen because as others have pointed out there is a selection process.
  12. Lets not get excited Buzz.... its hardly UKSF selection....
  13. No it's being in the field with infantry in places like Afghan.

    No short cuts chap.
  14. That said, there was once a trial to send lads to 18 Sig Regt straight from training, and with the state of the RSIST manning at the moment, it wouldn't surprise me if the PD changed to allow it.
  15. CIC is probably as long as most Signals Courses now... there are certainly none that last 2 years. Even the Foremans course finishes at 18 months.

    But Buzz is being a muppet. RSIST are not a 'short cut' to the Inf, but are an interesting, highly demanding role for the discerning Signalman.