Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stacy, Oct 17, 2006.

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  2. First criterion is to locate the Caps Lock key, I imagine.

    Bzzzt. Fail.
  3. Why do people have to be such txssers on here, the individual asked a reasonable question, not for the sort of come back that you gave
    Glad. You seem to me twisted and old in a dead end job. Bye
  4. Arfffffffff...

    For what it's worth, I'm with 'Glad' on this one - Bye.
  5. There is a selection process and it starts with your CR. You need to be recommended for an instructors post in one of the many tick boxes on page two that most people don't even read.

    Depending on the age group of trainees you are expected to work with you will then be subjected to a police CRB check to ensure you are no kiddie fiddler.

    Basically let your chain of command know that you are interested, as they need to tell MCM Div so they can start checking your history for suitability. They or you should then request an interview with your RCMO who will advise you on your suitability, available posts and the best way to get the one you want.
  6. I might not agree with SHOUTING at each other, however, to answer the question.

    Tick boxes on the front of your CR only come into play as a Cpl (2048s) so do not flag up LCpls who may be aspiring to follow the instructor route. The Corps has, therefore, put in place a new set of guidelines in Policy Directive 19. S/JNCOs now have to 'volunteer' for training posts. A formal selection period is then held (twice a year I think) to assess the suitability of the individual. Success normally meaning a short notice posting to fill one of the many gaps. The latest board took place in the past 3 weeks, so some time before the next one.

    All aspiring RD WOs should be aware that in the future it is unlikely you will reach RSM unless you have worked in a training environment at some stage.

    Bottom line - speak to your troop hierachy. They should be aware of this and can advise you.
  7. Yep - I thought it was quite funny. Reading between the lines, y'see...
  8. Firstly if you wish to be considered as an instructor you should look up PD 19. You will have to apply to be an instructor and the PD lays out the criteria. Secondly it would help if you were recommended on your CR.

    The Corps will then run a selection board for potential instructors. Again read PD 19 and you will get a full idea of the criteria and what is required.

    Once selected you then have to do a Potential Instructors Course. After that I get a bit blurry. Read PD19!
  9. thanks very much to those who gave me a sound reply.

    sorry to those who have to result to sarcasm because of your obvious failures.

    wish i had been in the army all that time and are that clued up that they have to post sarky remarks instead of decent answers.
  10. Oh, give me strength! Look, if you are going to try to come back with a pithy reply to someone who has criticised your writing style, FFS, please check what you are about to post, or, failing that, ask an adult!
  11. Bisciuts your a cokk on this one, debrief yourself accordingly.
  12. Bloody hell to much time on your hands.
  13. Should read 'too' not 'to'.
  14. This post or more importantly the stupid first reply is why everyone in the Army hates the Royal Corp of Signals.

    Typical that when someone wants help or advice, we do the usual put down and then slag each other off,

    Well done