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Having just attended the 1st RSISB and being selected from it i thought i could give an informal debrief so that future attendees can maybe benefit and readily prepare themselves.

90 soldiers were selected and filtered down to 40 in glasgow, only 35 actually turned up.

on arrival we were all broke up into 5 syndicates, each with 2 DS (snco & officer).

DAY 1: To break the ice we played a few name games which allowed us to get to know each other, on the afternoon we took part in a phsycametric test (i suppose to get an idea of our personalities)

DAY 2: In the morning we each gave a personal resume, career resume to date and described what qualities an instructor should possess. The afternoon started with an 1hr long appreciation exercise. afterwards we then had to explain our individual plan and support it.

DAY 3: Wednesday was broken into 2 parts. The morning was a series of command tasks where each of the syndicate members were put in charge and assessed. The afternoon was an instructor assessment. Each soldier was given a lesson on Monday on random topics ranging from hele handling to setting up snares.

DAY 4: In the morning all FE soldiers completed a PFT and on the afternoon we had individual interviews with the 2 DS where they look at your phsycametric evaluation and cross referenced it. (we did not see the evaluation so I would say they were testing us) Thursday evening was a social function in the Cpls Mess, most people went to the George afterwards and then on to town.

DAY 5: First thing we done an endurance command task, those who went down town referred to it as a ragging. It was intense but didnt last too long.
After a shower and we handed the accomodation back we had a final interview. This involved being told wether we were successful or not and where we would best be employed as an instructor. ie-phase 1,2 or 3.

Hopefully this will help anyone on future courses, also a unit could arrange a pre-RSISB to give thier soldiers a level of preparation for the Board.

You may want to re-write your post here mate as it has some useful information. Its deemed rude to put a whole post in capitals as it classed as shouting at the other person.

Also a few spaces, line breaks etc wouldn't go amiss. At the moment it looks like a complete block of blackness.

Do this and you have a good informative post which others may be happy reading.
McMee said:
Forgot to add, If your gonna talk about the Corps values (which they like) make sure you know all 6.
Excuse my ignorance but what are the 6 Corps values?
I belive that the RSISB is a good idea but post such as ETT which are not the most popular jobs in the signals are going to even more undermanned as there are very few people that want to go on exercise all the time. Have the people behind the RSISB thought of this?
thegeezer said:
McMee said:
Forgot to add, If your gonna talk about the Corps values (which they like) make sure you know all 6.
Excuse my ignorance but what are the 6 Corps values?
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