RSigs vrs other corps Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Doing some research today on another corps CIS abilities and noticed they were dabbling in areas we would assign to an IS Eng. They had a Win 2003 server and a LAN with a number of laptops.

    Yes I know thats not a big deal and a good RS Op could maintain that network but whats far far worse .... I visited one of these units last year, I saw someone setting up this network ..... it wasn't a RLC Signaller ......... it was an RSigs Officer sorting out networks for RLC Sigs to use!!!! Whats the world coming to, officers doing comms!.

    p.s. I expect the officer to be a TA PQO (not DE or LE, taken a short cut like medics/chaplins) working in their Bde G6 cell . The network/system appears to be a TA solution as it appears to know nothing of the 'corps' ICS solution.
  2. I think if you look harder around the other Corps you will find some very talented people indeed particularly in specialist fields like Unix and other complex IS fields which would humble any RSigs IS Engr .

    As for the mass deployment of IS assetts the R Sigs still lead the way but we may find more and more outside specialists entering our "domain" pun intended. If we do not continually adjust our skillsets to these emerging technologies as a trade group it will definately put our trade at risk. Education Education Education is the way ahead - we just need the corps to support us to keep the trade alive.
  3. Then maybe they should be encouraged into the fold?
  4. Maybe IS Engs should be allowed to specialise
  5. How would you motivate these guys to switch considering they are probably on high pay bands in their own corps and would have worked alongside IS Engrs on Op tours. Do you think there is anything here to attract them?

    The only way forward I believe is to train from within and to set up trade groups of specialists such as Web Gurus, Programmers and Database specialists. The difficulty for the corps is that every IS post has different needs so the idea of specialists does not fit in easily with this model. I hope that the TDT in Blandford have the vision, experience and education to spot IS trends quickly and to adjust training accordingly.

    A solution might be to train all Class 3s to the current OS at the network level for Help Desk support and after being in the field for 1 year (Class2) they choose or are assessed for suitability in these specialist fields. They then go back on bespoke specialist courses of no more than 4 weeks (sandwich) and return to units to gain hands on experience. By the time they are at Class 1 level they should have plenty of specialist experience in their chosen fields. Class 1 then teaches General Administration across many platforms with a bolt on module specialising in their chosen fields of no more than 8 weeks. Result class 1s are capable of administering most systems but are armed with advanced techniques in their chosen field. At this point they can go down the IS Sup route gaining a degree but remain specialist hands on as well as gaining strategic management skills. Those who dont take this route remain solely in their specialist fields but get promotion as normal to the rank of WO1 but less the degree.
  6. Other Corps are going to get even more involved with J1J4 IOS, otherwise known as DII-ID(R).

    They will be the LAN Managers and 1st line support. Royal Signals will then be Man Managers, which is the central network for multiple LANs, and they will be 2nd line.

    Royal Signals also fill 3rd Line support and finally 4th line is Atlas, so expect every cap badge to become more CIS orientated over the forthcoming months.
  7. I think the area I was looking at was Theatre Troops brigades, such a 8 Field Engineering Bde, 2 Med Bde, 11 & 2 Sig Bdes etc all of which appearing to have no dedicated CIS providers (except for the log bdes). Are these formations that pool RSigs assets from other areas? (e.g. my own unit did the CIS for 8 FEB last year - 8 FEB also included several units from othe Th Tps Bdes)
  8. You see CIS is not so difficult to spell after all, it was just a myth created to make people outside R Sigs think it was ablack art that required special Ninja skills. With the increasing advent of Plug and Play , Wi-Fi and POP facilities it is actually getting pretty easy to set up local networks that were previously the sole preserve of the Corps.
  9. Wi-Fi is as yet a big NO NO due to security reasons but this would really make our life easy when deploying 1000s of clients. POP is a mail protocol - nothing to do with Networking. The future of IS is in the next layer above it - applications.
  10. Excellent in the right place then (Mon - Fri) :thumleft:
  11. yes but i dont mean MS Office suit !!!! SAP, Web Apps, collobaration suits and the like are COTS you also have all the other bespoke apps for the G branches
  12. Thats more like it. :cyclopsani:

    So if I get this right, the number of Sigs required in a Bde HQ should start declining, especially in none tech trades as HQ's won't need COMMCENs. Rebro's wont be needed, as easy to use radios will do this automatically (like HCDR).
    What you'll need is someone who can run a generator, put laptops/'telephones' on desks, lay a lot of cable (for time being), put up masts/dishes and erect HQ's with a secondary techie group who run, fix, configure what the first group has done.

    No techs or operators
  13. That is about the first sensible thing you have said on here.

    IS - Apps

    Techs - Engineering
  14. the_guru
    Nearly, what about:

    IS - initial build with Ghost etc.
    Telemech - Network
    Op - Set up, Maintain, 1st Line Admin (client add, printers, basic software)
    Tech - ? Mmm got me on that one. If its COTS, get another one, if it is proprietry stick it on a test bed and send it back with the aforementioned notification of what is wrong with it.
  15. So come on guru let me hear your superior intellect and contribute something to this thread - im guessing your a siggie or a lance jack