RSigs Stable Belt & Rank Slides

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by The_Goon, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    Shortly (hopefully) to commission into the Royal Signals and am aware that in the next few weeks I will be presented with my Corps tie, Stable Belt and 1x 2Lt Rank Slide.

    I was hoping someone here may be able to tell me where I can get another Rank Slide from?

    Many thanks,

  2. R Sigs museum, Blandford
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    If you ask really nicely, maybe Santa will bring you one
  4. god help us .... a new officer cant even figure out were to get another rank slide ..... in this day and age ..... sod being on ops with him
  5. Do you not buy your tie and stable belt like everyone else?

    RSigs rank slides available in every PRI shop, or from the museum..... or many shops will make them up for you.
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    My little girl has decided to make some '1 pips' for you, available in a variety of colours. just choose one, superglue it to your combat shirt and watch how impressed the RSM on your first morning in the regiment.
  7. We get presented the tie and (I believe) the Stable Belt in the last week of Sandhurst as a sort of "welcome aboard".

    Regarding the fact that I don't know where to buy things like rank slides and stable belts, it's because it's something were not exposed to whilst at Sandhurst, so of course I don't know where to get these things from!

    Thank you for that, I'll try the museum out.
  8. Bloody hell, classic line. Was the wine served correctly chilled?

    :D :D :D :D
  9. Steal it - Job done...
  10. Dont get mestarted on thieving little c**ts. Somebody had my stable belt away the morning on an RSM's parade whilst at 2. Wouldnt of minded as much, if my 3 week old Leatherman wasnt still attached. Just cant trust people these days...
    Presented eh? Must be nice to not have to pay for the bloody thing. I wouldnt of bothered personally, but being told that its 'Regimental policy to have one' isnt what i like to hear!
  11. Steal Keeps, he wont mind!
  12. Re OP, for the extra slides.

    There may be Lts who can give you their old ones.... saves the poor subby money.
  14. Tried eBay and Google, Polar69, eBya didn't throw anything up, and I couldn't find any Rank slides for the Royal Signals through google, although I did find some Stable Belts through Google.

    I'm not using Arrse as my first port of call, but it does have plenty of people who may know the answer, so I thought it would be a good place to ask the question.
  15. Fair enough, why didn't you mention that ?

    Museum shop it is then, don't expect much change out of £30

    Good luck in your career