RSigs Look at Life (Question)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ardex, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm heading to a Signals look at life course down in Blandford 13th-17th September, and just wondering if anyone can give me any more insight on what to expect? And also what kit we should be taking down there. Are we talking hiking clothes or something else?

    Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that, useful information. Any ideas on what kit I should bring with me? They aren't very revealing on the instructions.

    Just says 'warm and practical outdoor clothing', but we get issued with combats and waterproofs anyway.
  3. Things like jogging bottoms or comats if you've got any just dont brig your gucci stuff and wreck it basically mate.
  4. If you have a white motor cycle helmet, then take that with you ;0)
  5. Take a sense of humour. Oh and try not to commit suicide..............
  6. is it wrong that i LOLed at that

  7. So no real dress code for it, as long is it's stuff you can get dirty? I'm guessing they wouldn't take too kindly to jeans and things.
  8. Definitely take pt kit and boots or on the 24 hour exercise you will get drenched feet. I did this with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers last week and was one of the best things i ever did, met alot of crazy geordies was a great laugh the whole time. you can expect to do 1.5 mile run, heaves, jerry can carry, icebreaker, team tasks and battle PT. You will have to shave, make your bed PROPERLY and clean other peoples shite logs out of toilets lol(i did because the person didnt own up) oh yeah and block jobs like sweeping mopping etc. Just make sure you communicate with your section mine geld very well and like i said it was a great laugh, oh yeah you might do a paintball competition its 10 shots at metal targets. Take at least 20 pounds aswell if you want cigarettes snacks and extra food in the cafeteria. I also advise everyone to get on these courses its brilliant.
  9. Jeans are good for evenings chilling out in the block, you should get issued combat jackets and bottoms for 24 hour exercise along with bergen, webbing and a plastic/rubber SA80 rifle.
  10. It's good to hear that they definately give you the full military experience with the menial details then. Also, I have 2 sets of PT kit handy just in case. Do you wear your civvies most of the time you are there, and only wearing the issued uniform for the exercise? Or are you usually in the uniform they give you?

    I assume the run and heaves are all best effort tests (though that obvously doesn't mean slacking). Heaves aren't really my strong point, though i've improved a bit since putting my application in. 'Potted sports' is what worries me the most, actually. Since I am pretty much next to useless at most of the usual suspects like footy. Though I guess I could be the goalie if it comes to that. Haha.

    Again, same confirmation from yourself. Do you only wear the issued uniforms for the exercise and stay in your civvies the rest of the time? Our itinerary says we get our kit as part of in-processing rather than just before the exercise you see.
  11. Yeah we only wore the Army kit during the 24hr exercise and Battle pt, dont worry about being rubbish at sports they just want to see determination, teamwork and a sense of humour. Dont look at it as work just relax and enjoy it, when i had to clean the bog it wasnt that bad as it turned into a laugh and banter so took away the displeasure. For me even the shite things were good just have a good laugh with the boys and everything will go smoothly.
  12. Actually we wore the combats during an hour of drill aswell.
  13. Ah right, okay then. All sounds pretty good to me. So any particular type of clothing you'd reccommend I take with me. Or would you just say combats/jogging pants and a coat is about right?
  14. A few warm tops, coat/jacket , T-shirts, tracksuits, jeans, full PT kit, boots, casual trainers and plenty of socks and boxers.