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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Are we just a bunch of whinging sods?

    No, I don't agree with that but we do have our fair share of whingers. To get on in the corps we seem to have several groups including:

    Sig Procedure - always quotes rules and regulations to emphasize their point. Won't think for themselves but quick to point out failures in others (typically a Switch Bitch??)

    Sig Whinger - Thinks a little bit more than Sig Procedure but moans just as much. Also creates most of the posts on here because someone who is in more demand than they are has got promoted before them. (I won't mention techs here)

    Sig Rambo - Future god RD, should have really joined the infantry but was too arrogant/snobbish to admit thats what they really wanted. (and just to get some bytes ... its the corps gym queens :D )

    Sig Out The Box. Can't just accept a problem and have to come to the correct solution. Nothing is written in stone, all can be changed. If they find something wrong, they attempt to change it. (This is why we have supervisors although Sig Procedure has tried their hardest to infiltrate this elite :D :D )
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Or just a bunch of boring techies ;)

  3. We don't need to, just following the prompts on screen sees us through !
  4. There's a painting called "Through" that sums up what the Corps used to be all about

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  5. Its still all about that !
  6. I know that the painting is the poignant one done by Francis Martin based on what he saw in 1915, but at second glance it also has the look of

    'Signaller still gonking on radio stag at 1100 hrs despite the fact that the whole Div HQ moved 5 miles up the road at 0900 hrs'

    It's not visible in the picture, but there's a woman in the farmhouse getting a fire going with some of his crypto as well.
  7. During my time I was a radio tech. Fairly good trade IMO. I transfered from the REME equivalent which was Tels tech. In the REME I could only repair telecomms kit in accordance within the specification. In the Signals I was allowed to bodge if it got comms back quicker (then repair to spec after the ex or op). This required (normally) better understanding of the whole situation/spec than the REME stance.

    Anywhoo. I prefered my time in the RS than REME. Neither was bad, I just prefered one over the other. I am sure, other people will think differently.

    BTW. To all still in. Enjoy your time (if you can) life is very different when you leave.
  8. But you never learnt RS is/was the abbreiviation for the Royal Scots and RSignals is the correct abreviation for the Royal Corps'?

    Other than that, I agree. As a Radio type myself, nothing can't be fixed with a bit of malgy, black nasty and whopping great whack with a hammer.
  9. so just for the fact that he put RS instead of RSignals has caused you offence. He probably spent his time learning how to fix the kit instead of quoting corps history and picking up others on their usage of abbs.

    Fooking grammar nazis and pedants get on my t1ts.
  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Get off your high horse and realise he was taking the piss :D

    Fcukin hell, is everyone on angry pills tonight? :wink:
  11. HA HA!!!
  12. rtfm, it was meant in jest. Although I would also point out that I HAD to learn the various abbr.

    I don't think the commander would be too happy had I marked up his map with an extra Bn of infantry instead of a Signals Regt. Or vice versa.

    Or he might have been overjoyed, depends how the battle was going I suppose.

    Nor would he be too happy had I been sending messges to the wrong addressees.

    I also HAD to learn the Corps' history, otherwise I didn't get paid.

    I believe that the youngsters in 11 Sigs now, have to pass a Corps' History exam in order to don the Corps' stable belt (or girdle as they were once known). Keeping the traditions and ethos of the Corps alive.

    And I can fix and use the kit too. Very well infact.

    I was also presented with a copy of "The Vital Link" when I finished training, for being so awesom (and modest with it). I read that when I was on Radio stag.

    I might bang some extracts up on here actually. Because there are several pre-ambles at the start of the book to set the tone of the Traditions and Ethos. At least 2 are very good examples for the lads to follow.
  13. Go on then :p
  14. It has been a while now so I could be wrong, but I think that I was taught R.Sigs. as the correct abreviation for Princess Anne's (God bless her) Corps.

    Other than that, I agree. :D
  15. Funny you should mention that.

    I was sure R.Sigs was an accepted abreviation for the Royal Corps, and yet I appeared, up until now, to be the only one who had heard of this.

    Other than when it appears on the various R.Sigs Books and Forms.

    I am sure I was taught 3 names.

    Royal Corps' of Signals - Full name.

    Royal Signals - Short name.

    RSigs - Abbreviation.

    Alas, it is so long ago. And my notes and precis are long gone.

    For a current Tradition and Ethos example, view here at your leisure.