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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. I know this has been covered in the past...

    But after some searching, I still can't find decent up-to-date comprehesive advice on the course. :?

    Due to attend soon and want to be 100% ready.

    thanks :lol:

  2. Get really fit , Expect the unexpected , Listen in and do , Also read up on orders...
  3. Just turn up its in the bag.
  4. Well I've brought the Rice Crispies but the buggers only forgot to put the rank slide it the bleeding packet!!!!!!
  5. So how come there are so many biffer cpls then?
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    When are you going mate, Feb or April? I believe that the April one will be the first TA one to incorporate the CLM package as per the Regulars. I'm sure "Royal Corps Officer" could clarify that one way or t'other.

    Fitness, orders and personal admin seem to be the key to success at Blandford, but as you've eluded, success doesn't seem to be a prerequisite to getting the second banana.

    Good luck.
  7. Heard similar (in Donnington :?: )

    BTW the TA course is longer (the regular course also includes DITS)
  8. Despite whats said, it's an attendance based course. If you can make it through 2 weeks of being fcuked about then you'll pass.

    The thing to bear in mind is that a pass doesn't automatically mean you'll be fullly screwed soon after, if your course report is a shocker then it might take a long long time to get the second one up.

  9. Thought the TA had to now pass a PFT as part of the MATTS requirement.
    Do you still need a fit for course Cert ?
  10. I did mine in April-May this year, you definately do need a Fit For Course Certificate regardless.
    I would not say it was an attendance course either!
  11. Anyway BB, I thought you were off to join 4 PARA ?
  12. Did mine in August 2005, not an attendance course was fucked around from day one. It was brilliant. There have been a few threads on this course, do a quick search and you will find them
  13. Boney....

    I did spend a little time with a certain Airborne bunch.....

    But wasn't meant to be..... (it's all been said on here it the past!)

    Decided that being part of the British Army's state of the art communications corp was the was ahead.......
  14. And then you joined the signals.
  15. LOL correct get fit and def read up on orders you spend a big part of the course doing this myself and others were up till about 3 in the morning doing these(make sure u do ur model in the day light while u can as this is not fun by torch light untill you get in to the field!!!!!!) you have bft on the mon morn when u get there and that is when it all starts really. Night nav on about wed night (this is fun providin they remember to open the gates to trg area) then more orders, bout hours sleep back in to lesson more orders lunch (if ur lucky missed several) orders.......... and then some more orders tests u get the sort of idea from this then 2nd week you will start ur field ex but not gona tell u 2 much about that as it would take all the fun out of it all i can say is i wouldnt even bother takin ur gonk bag for the ex. I did the "new course" around august time and now apparantly this is a pass or fail course, I passed so i dont care cant say it was easy but if u put in the effort it is good and worth it, good luck and hope u all do well that are on future courses :D