RSigs Class 1 course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnjohn, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. Anyone done it recently

    im on it in for the first couple weeks in November. Anyone on here got their name down?

    anyone done it recently - got any tips and tricks?
  2. I did it a while back, are you refering to the CS Op Class 1 course ?
  3. Do you mean a R Signals Class 1 Course?
  4. I think he is talking about the Royal S class 1 course :roll:
  5. I did it a few years ago now and hope it has changed a lot since then as was a complete waste of 2 weeks, learnt very little.
  6. Don't hold your breath... did it recently and it didn't exactly blow me away... they could make it a one week course. Enjoy doing 2-3 days of A&P from Class 3...
  7. Did you raise this in the course critique at the end ?

    I found the A+P very useful, coming from a ptarmigan background where its really only given lip service
  8. The Critique at the end, well we raised every single point going, rather than keep quiet to piss off early but we were met with the most random 'bag of bollocks' ever spouted by an officer.
    Everyone in the room had the 'WTF' look on their faces.
  9. Read up on LANs and WANs, Networking, A&P, Electronic Warfare, Admin (Det Folders, naming conventions) and back-briefing an officer - map marking, comms boardm state board etc.
  10. We were all a bit WTF, but I think we were being a bit harsh mate. To be fair, he was trying to stress how its hard to gear Class 1 training to TA because our kit and role is different from Regs, and then tried to second guess how the SDSR might affect us and explain how he felt 'general' comms skills were arguably more useful to the wider army.

    Still, its a damn shame they didn't put any BOWMAN training in there... i'm now a Class 1 CS Op with ZERO experience of BOWMAN, which is a tad embarrassing TBH.

    P.S. I'm missing your morning brews mucka!
  11. The last one that run was definitely at higher standard than 3, 2 or 1 :) (class 3 that is)
  12. That must be embarrassing as on my last annual camp all the soldiers had a compulsory course which consisted of 2 days Batco and 3 days Bowman. We are Infanteers, think of the skill fade. Just to get a tick in the box.
  13. Bowman training is far to complex and requires an individual course. I am sure you are aware of this having done 3 days on camp, this means you have learnt sweet FA of Bowman.

    Oh and I would rather have someone who has a good grip of A & P then train them on Bowman (Insert any other CNR here) over someone who knows all the Bowman functions having done PET but can't get Comms in more arduous conditions. This is when the Bowman is shoit excuse is trotted out.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    As far as Infantry level of comms is concerned, if you already have a working knowledge of VHF and HF comms c/o of RRU course or Sigs Platoon cadre, then famming on a 354 and 355 (which is all the average Grunt will ever use) isn't a big deal. I picked it up in the half hour handover session in a PB in Helmand from the Marines who were RIPing out. A lot of the features on these radios really is overkill for Infantry platoon level. As for HF, the only bloke carrying one would be the Coy Signaler who is from Sigs Pln and IC of all the Coy's comms kit.

    The 'Bowman is shoite' line comes out (and again this purely from grunt level) because of issues with the fill dropping. Just one example; I saw a Coy level operation have to detour to the nearest PB after the comms/other equipment on the chopper that dropped us off, wiped out the fill on all the radios - or at least that's what it was blamed on. Needless to say the surprise element was lost. This is a year ago, so no idea if these 'areas for improvement' have been ironed out since.
  15. RP,

    I agree wholeheartedly, it's just 'The creature' constantly digging at Sigs is quite irksome to say the least. Although it sounds like the Class 1 course is a bit of a breeze it is aimed at a higher level than, as you put it, grunt level. Also on a broader range of kit including ICS amongst other things by the sound of it.

    As to the Bowman side of things and without going into detail my conclusion was a few of these issues encountered are down to poor maintenance (This was not an operators fault) , poor understanding of Bowman and the insistence that because it is 'Digital' you do not need to apply any A & P. I work above Coy level as you know so was generally using non HF means. That said I did have one fill drop prior an OTAT but that was down to poor battery maintenance (Not our fault just issued incorrect equipment) and a HUB that should have been changed donkeys ago.

    I do recall issues with our US chums ECM zapping our Comms when they came back in to our location.

    Some of the Coy Sig Pln guys I have worked with in the past are without doubt fine Signallers, keen and knowledgeable. I just know for a fact they couldn't pick up the ball when it come to ICS as well, unlike Royal Signals who are expected to be a one stop shop for all Comms kit.

    Not complaining, that's how it is and should be. So to that end 'The creature' stating 'that is embarrassing'. Well it just shows their lack of knowledge of how the big wheel turns.