RSigs ARRSE/Community site on ArmyNet?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I read a recent post on ArmyNet suggesting this? Or something similar just for Mafioso/Supervisors.
    None of this would be under 'official' management, its content would be generated by 'users'.

    My idea would be that 'users' (probably SNCO's) generate content, pass them to admins who ACMS them, the web pages would all have a link at the bottom to allow comments, this could be to either ArmyNet and/or ARRSE forums.

    Ideas about content could be sport, corps news, corps history, IT, radio, funny etc, basically a magazine online.

    As an example of how it would work

    In this thread 1/4 Wavelength of D10 RABC mentioned his course had investigated the use of D10. On ArmyNet he could ask for their research to be added as a webpage. I could 'TA' it and ask for my TA page to be created etc etc.

    p.s. Some of Bibo's recent posts would indicate people would be interested in a TA section helped by all parts of the corps
  2. The Armynet webadmin team recently said that they would not support a community site for the supervisory rosters, as all the other corps would want to do the same and the admin overhead would be unworkable, but I reckon a sub-site within the existing Sigs area should be workable. I may try and get in contact with the Corps webmaster to check feasibility.

    By the way, here's a question for everyone. Imagine if there was some form of mechanism where you could browse the most up-to-date trade training course precis and presentations used at DCCIS. Not necessarily Armynet, but just Unclas via the internet. How valuable would you find it?
  3. I think that is an excellent idea. Give access to all the trade training precis. Many advantages like knowing when procedures have been changed, knowing what class 3's are been taughts and to what level instead of the old "wasn't taught that", indivduals keeping upto date and possibly an ability for feedback for the likes of TDT as which units are still using taught mehods.

    I would of thought on Army net would be better though rather than straight internet unclass.

    Maybe a fresh thread with a poll to see interest.
  4. Very useful. Check out the ArmyNet medics site, they've created a CMT subsite (with a number of pams available for download).
  5. Who did you ask?

    contact me at ArmyNET and we can talk this over (admin@etc)

  6. A place to find all the precis and presentations would be very useful and make me clear my shed out of all "useful" "might come in handy one day" paperwork.
  7. ap,

    I had a conversation with GG last week about this and this is where PD got his info from, i.e through me from GG.

    Perhaps you would like to discuss it with him?

    DS (D_F)
  8. Absolutely. A team of suitable ninjas have already started on a feasability study to see if they can set up a secured sharepoint site accessible from tinternet. The next step is to set up the information structure, sort out backups etc and subject it to security penetration testing. Then it would be able to go live and various unclas info could go on there (subject to approval by headsheds). Then, just like any other WWW site it will be available from anywhere, and also therefore available through the RLI (DII, CHoTS etc) as you long as you have an IGS/EGS account.

    I reckon there's potential as a reference portal, possibly helping with such things as crammer courses and 3-2 workbook projects, or possibly pre-course reading. It also means you don't need to keep stacks of outdated precis at home (cheers TARE, good point). The other flip side of the coin is that SMEs out in field units would have the opportunity to review what's taught and give feedback, such as ways of putting lessons into operational context. I reckon it's a win-win situation.

    The grand plan for world domination continues....