RSigs and others - An unashamed plug - dont quit yet

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by putteesinmyhands, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Disbandment of more units, RSigs, this time...

    The cynic in me is wondering how much of this is due to the shortage of Bowman - in that, if you don't have the tools, how can you do the job? Redundancy by proxy?

    Although I detest the disbanding of long-established units, this does give the opportunity to plug gaps elsewhere.

    170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp RE is looking for numerous signallers, drivers, clerks, chefs, medics etc. People with civvy construction, electrical or mechanical engineering trades are also welcome. So the choice at disbandment isn't simply "transfer to the Infantry or quit". In many cases, it wouldn't even be a case of re-roling - carry on with your job in an organisation with a broader scope of activities and better opportunities - one that is actually growing at this time of general decline. Unlike many other units, 170 provides financial benefits to the MoD during the training year (as well as providing mobilisation opportunities), so is less burden on the public purse - an incentive for the bean-counters to keep it going. This translates as security.

    We don't do drill nights, we don't do as many weekends. We do travel further on a Friday night and a Sunday afternoon. We do have more diverse Camps. We do stuff that other units don't do - even our immediate Regular counterparts! We liaise with not just the Army, but also the RN and RAF - and also foreign military and civilian organisations. And we treat our soldiers as grown-ups - because that's exactly what they are.

    PS - CFT weight is 20kg (RE badged). Is that a better incentive than 25kg (Infantry)?

    PM if anybody wants more details
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  3. Vultures.........

  4. Strike while the iron's hot... Clausewitz

    Faint heart never won a fair hand... Sun Tzu

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth... Paddy from Emmerdale (yes - you'd never have to miss an episode of your favourite soap)

    Forgot to mention - 170 has 100+ vacancies NOW. Vacancies at all rank ranges from Sapper to Major. Obviously, the upper ranks will depend on what you can bring to the party, but there's plenty of scope for promotion. (And there are plenty of car parking spaces).
  5. Yes, that is all well and good puttesinmyhand, but is there any space for old blokes.

    I am an ex signaller and can still do Morse to a good speed. Don't laugh, you may need it after the Swine Flu has decimated you lot. Remember, it goes for the young and fit and leaves the old fellas alone. We'll have our day yet. :wink:
  6. Yes, there's space. In fact, old blokes are welcomed. The unit achieves what it does because of the experience of its soldiers. Sometimes that experience is gained through the Army, sometimes through the soldier's civvy job - more often a combination of the two. If you've got five years (or even less) left before your TA retirement age, we can probably make good use of your experiences. There are also roles to fill throughout the entire chain of command, so off-the-shelf NCOs and officers save training time.

    That's not to say that we don't also welcome youngsters. They are the future of the unit. While they may be limited in experience now, that won't be the case in the future. In fact, many youngsters bring new knowledge into the unit, benefiting the whole.

    170 is one of the best examples available of teamwork - many individuals with diverse skills working together to achieve a common aim.

    Unlike other units, 170 (V) doesn't have a narrow skills set. If, for example, you've spent ten years as an HGV driver in your current unit and are a civvy plumber, 170 will use both of those skills - and it may be your civvy skills that pave the road to promotion.
  7. puttees,

    Most (in 34) will move over to 38 Sigs - posts were organised a week ago - not that RHQ knows it yet
  8. You bunch of swots.

    I refer my learned friend to pages 5-27 to 5-31 of the Strategic Review of Reserves, "Increased Utilisation of Niche Skills".
  9. Oh, come on. That is




  10. We'll have a look at the left-overs for the time being, then. And come back for the rest later. ;)

    Seriously, though, if people are happy with what they're doing, then I don't want to poach them. But I wouldn't want all that experience to be just thrown away - especially not when there's a unit that can take all the experience that it can get.
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    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Good drills puttees, nice to see people looking out for each other.
  12. Thats interesting. Where are 170 based ?
  13. Chillwell I think
  14. Chilwell Barracks, just outside Nottingham. (Also home to RTMC, so if your mobilisation is on a Monday, you can still fit in a TA weekend before you go...)

    That's where the Admin side of things is. For weekend training, we travel about - Swynnerton, Brize, Coningsby, RMAS, etc. are other places we turn up at, as well as at Chilwell. Mostly, we report in at these places, rather than travel from Chilwell. Being nationally recruited, moving about means that some people have less distance to travel than on other occasions. Obviously, some people have further to travel, but that's life.
  15. I'd like to echo all that Puttees has said (i'm a fellow member of 170). Great bunch of guys and gals with a huge skill set, for example i'm in the ports infrastructure team but we also have railways, power, fuels etc as well as general works teams.