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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mightbeasig, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi I’m looking for a wee bit of advice.

    I’m in the TA, trade trained but still a crow.
    I really love being in the TA and would never want to leave but I’m beginning to think I may be in the wrong kind of unit.

    I’m thinking about rebadging to the Rsigs.
    I’m only thinking about it at this point and I don’t want to make official contact with a Sig unit until I am sure that I’m making the right decision for fear that they may feel obliged to let my current unit know I’m thinking of leaving. I don’t want my current unit to think I’m disloyal, I like the people there but as I said I think I may be in the wrong kind of unit for me.

    I have a HND in business information technology, a BSc in computer network management, I’m about to do a home study course for an A+, N+, security+, and server+.
    As you have probably gathered my civvy job is in IT, I work in a network admin/helpdesk role, and have 3yrs industry experience.

    I don’t want to give anymore information away about myself for PERSEC reasons.

    I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what kind of trades would be available to me in a TA Rsigs unit.

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. I hear they may be looking for a new chief engineer on the Starship Enterprise??

    Failing that, you'd probably be really bored in the Sigs, unless your content in making tea, waiting for an ICS OP (Radio operator) to break a lead?

    Try and locate your nearest Unit, see if there's a specialist one in your area or visit their website as the rule of thumb (for trades) is:

    ICS Op
    ED (Electrician/Driver)
    ICS Technician
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Which Signals unit are you thinking about? The Ptarmigan ones have no requirement for any IT skills beyond MS Office.

  4. Try 81 Sig Sqn. It is a specialist unit based near Bath but is the only real hope for datacoms.
    The Rsigs TA is more Telecoms than Datacoms. But I am sure that will change eventually.

    But do you really want to do the same job during the day & the weekend ?
  5. My nearest Signals unit at the moment is in Coulsdon, although I don’t plan to live in my current area for much longer, I’m thinking of moving closer to London as I’ve just started working there.

    Are there any IT requirements within the Sigs? Even if it means going to a specialist unit?

    Are all the trades within the Sigs radio operation based?
    From my degree I have experience in building (although quite simple) circuit boards, would that be of any use?

    Presumably the trade options/responsibilities are limited for a pte but what would become available as I moved through the ranks?
  6. "Got to tech it up, come on and tech it up, you've got to tech it up" :D

    Erm, depending on where in London you move to, have a look at 71 SR(Y) or 39 SR
  7. Bath is probably a bit far for me to commute :D
    I was thinking of the Surrey/London area.

    IT is what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing (yes I’m a geek :D ), I’m really just open to hearing about the different trades within the Sigs for now.
    I may decide that life as a bleep would be incredibly dull and change my mind, or I may get a serious woody and decide that you may just be the right badge for me (even if Jimmy does look a bit gay :wink: )
  8. Cheers, I’ve already spoken to Polar about LIAG and I shall be looking into them.
  9. Or you could always try the Green Slime ?

    Agreeing with Telecomsgeek, wouldn't it be a bit of a busman's holiday? As a lowly siggie myself, I work in a civvy COMCEN equivilent and sometimes think the proverbial grass is greener elsewhere. But, I'm not planning on being in my current employment for too much longer (**fingers crossed**)

    Saying that, if you're sh1t hot, it makes your training and progession (theoretically) swifter, once you get passed the sucking of eggs stage!
  10. Suppose I agree, my most enjoyable times were in units that tended to be nothing to do with my civilian job (pre SDR).

    Now turning up and doing a very basic job which is related to my normal job, isn't as much fun. I get rather narked that as soon as I put the jimmy and uniform on, I become a 2nd class comms dude.

    Before I joined, I believed RSigs would build upon my civilian skill set and it wasn't wrong for it to be used, maybe echoing mightbeaSig thoughts. Now I believe I was wrong and TA RSigs have two tiers:

    Normal TA which provides IRs for jobs the regulars that don't want to do
    Specialist which provides experts in certain fields and is what many percieve to be the TA RSigs role

    Obviously I don't go on web sites moaning about my civilian job, I rather enjoy it but doing 6 months in uniform in my current TA job in a job where they can 'risk' a TA soldier doesn't sound interesting .... but doing civilian job in uniform ... well thats a different matter
  11. I agree, but I do think that it's down to the individual. We've got one or two tech's who are proper mad for it; although they still had to undergo the same (egg-sucking) training as everyone else (one of them even ended up assisting with the teaching of other geeks during the course!!) and I think it does make for a much more efficient (traded) soldier if their background is relevant.

    Not moaning about my job per say, just making the point that I see it as a busman's holiday and that will change when I move employment.
  12. It's not necessary to live anywhere near Bath to be a member of 81 Sig Sqn.

    As a Specialist (soon to be renamed National, IIRC) Unit it recruits from across the country, and literally has people from the top end of Scotland down to the south coast of England.

    For more info, take a look at 81 Signal Squadron - Internet Site

  13. If you like the idea of moving to a location camming up, putting up tents. Then taking them down again. Then putting it all up again.
    And if you enjoy putting up masts, then taking them down again. Putting them up and then taking them down again, unpacking a trailer and then packing a trailer.
    And if the thought of radio stag, listening to the eternal whistle and crackle of your det's radio, trying hard to stay awake for hours and hours till your shift is over, brings a smile to your face, you'll be a siggy one day my son, you'll be a siggy. :)