Discussion in 'Infantry' started by merlin162, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm due to attend thwe RSDC course at Warminster in about 6 weeks, has anyone got any useful hints or tips about the course and any up to date handouts?

    Thanks in advance.....
  2. one of the best courses I ever went on. Loads of classroom stuff but you do get out and about in the training area. The DS are top notch and the accomodation is pretty good. The final ex is exhausting - hardly any sleep but so much to do you will barely notice it.

    My top tip would be don't assume that all of the students have the same skills or mindset as you. On your command tasks explain everything in the minutest of details otherwise you might find yourself doing their jobs for them or find that you have failed as comms went down. Don't be a know-it-all or Jack-the-lad and always put yourself out to help those who are struggling.
  3. Cheers for the info, problem is i'm an old school standard 2, from many moons ago and not a young thruster anymore. But I can get a heads up from the Sigs Pl Sgt who attends our TAC on Tuesdays rather than BHQ.
  4. whats the proper name for this course these days??? I did the RSI/RSDC many moons ago, I thought it was now Regt Sigs Senior?
  5. Regimental Signals Detachment Commander.
    RSJ is the course before RSDC I think....
  6. RSI (Regimental Signals Instructor) used to qualify you up to C/Sgt but the Brecon boys got upset about what they saw only as a Corporal's course and forced a change. Basically in infantry sigs you needed to know everything at detachment level, a Corporal/Lance Jack post, coz you were working on your own and had the responsibility to maintain comms up to Main and down to platoon level, as well as be responsible for the kit and its management.

    RSDC is basically the same course but it means you have another chance to spend time at the School of I in the Signals Wing
  7. merlin,

    Find the related thread on this forum, read the book mentioned, its excellent and would be very interesting to you. I, like The SpecialOne, got top student a number of times - act like the bloke in the book and you'll do the same.
  8. I thought RSJ qualified you to be a RSDC

    Although now it's been split in two Regimental Signaller Advanced and Regimental Signals Instructor
  9. Blowed if I know, as I said previously I was trained under the old system as a Standard 2 which let me run a det. But am being updated in preparation for Herrick 10.
  10. Ok,
    Standard 2 changed to RSJ (Regimental Signals Junior (NCO?)

    RSJ has been changed into two seperate courses for BOWMAN RSA (Regimental Signaller Advanced) and RSI (Regimental Signals Istructor)
  11. I thought Standard 1 became Regt Sig Advanced/Junior and the RSI/RSDC became Reg Sig Senior
  12. Not sure standards 1 & 2 are before my time but if Standard 2 qualified you to be a regimental signals detachment commander then it became RSJ which became RSA and RSI
  13. Even our Sigs Pl Sgt is none the wiser, perhaps its just better to wait and see.....
  14. Basic Radio User let you talk on the net

    Std 2 was the basic qualification - member of sigs platoon/platoon signaller

    Std 1 was like a signallers version of the JNCO cadre and let you become a det 2 I/C (company/main/tac/etc)

    RSI let you command a det

    The next jobs up the promotion scale were Platoon Sgt & Rebro Sgt - jobs learned at RSI level

    Sigs colourboy looked after the stores - a job learned at RSI level

    RSWO required another course at Warminster as you had to learn the RSO's job, the only other trade qual you needed - hence the gap between RSI & RSWO
  15. I'd second that