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  1. How often is the RSC is it every three months starting from january?
  2. Hello Matey

    As far as I l know, it's every 2 weeks, one week female and the next week male. I think if u fail the first time then they will probably send u off to practice some more and tell you to come back in 3 or 4 months, but thats just to give u time to work at your fitness.

    Why have u got a test coming up?
  3. Generally RSC runs about 3 times per week encompassing a two day assessment. You can get deferred for various reasons, I think the most common tend to be teamwork and fitness. I run an army preparation course in cornwall and we run 3 courses of 13 weeks per year providing training for RSC deferals and those considered ACIOs as risk candidates.
  4. Darn why couldn;t u have done these courses in Essex :roll:
  5. and I'm the bloke who sits opposite him
  6. footylad that is
  7. Cornwall obviously being a million miles from Essex? No one else do them locally?