RSC three days after Para Insight Course?

Hi everyone,

I booked myself onto the Para's Insight Course a couple of weeks ago, soon after that I had the initial interview with my AFCO and mentioned it there, and I had thought the plan was to go on this insight course and then get sent to the RSC after that at a date to be agree'd when I come back - the idea being if I wasnt fit enough the insight course should highlight that, and so I could spend a couple of weeks or so strengthening any weaknesses before RSC.

However, I've just recieved a travel warrant and ADSC brief that seems to indicate that I'm going to RSC on Wednesday, 26th of this month. I phoned my AFCO to try and speak to my recruiter but apparently he's on leave this week, all I could do was confirm the date for my RSC.

The insight course is on the weekend before the wednesday (21st-23rd), and I was wondering how much of a good/bad idea this is? I had expected the insight course to be pretty demanding, and I'm wondering if I'll be on top form for RSC a couple of days after I come back, which is obviously more important.

Partly I'm concerned that I'll struggle on the insight course and then not have any time to address this before RSC, but that aside, does anyone know if I'll be good to go fitness-wise that soon after going away to colchester for the weekend.

I'll almost certainly just go along with it and see what happens, but I just thought it was worth asking the question on the off-chance.

Any advice much appreciated.
Hi mate, i did the insight course a few months ago. It's pretty intensive you'll be knackered after saturday and not much better on sunday, i would have thought you'd be fine by weds as long as you don't pick up any injuries while your there. What time you doing your 1.5 miles in?

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