RSC soon..

my recruiting officer guy at the afco said he needs to know how many pushups and heaves i can do in 2 minutes in time for my interview, there was me thinking you didn't do pushups at the rsc? not that i'm bothered really, I'm sure i can push out a fair few, but just actually curious about what actually happens?

time for me to make the big choice once and for all, paras or engineers..
Good luck if you get to your rsc, at the rsc u'l do this:

Full medical and i mean full takes forever to get everyone done. If you fail on the medical u'll go straight home
After the medical u'll complete a upper body pt sess, which will include heaves (at least 4 i think you need) back extension to see how strong your lower back is, static deadlift, a machine lift of 55kg to the height of a 4 tonne truck and the jerry can walk which is where you hold a 20kg jerry can in each hand walking at the same speed as the pti all very easy to be honest. Day two u'll be doing your 1.5 mile run if your going para you need under 9.18 and teamtasks which is a good crack, just shout stuff which makes good sense and tell people what to do and you shall be fine. Theres also other briefs and stuff that you will do but don't worry about it.

p/s you don't do press ups or situps on rsc, but you will do them in screening week on basic which is the first week.

cheers brodz
Thanks for the advice, I also need some advice which i'd prefer not to post up on the public forum, is there someone I can ask in a PM that knows a little about the medical side?

And no, its nothing to do with my genitals :D

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