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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by poet, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Got R.S.C on the 27th just wondering if any one knows what sort of questions are going to be asked in the interview

    also all the running ground flat?

    Thanks for any help
  2. Interview was easy, basic questions on your job choice, your background/family, why you want to join

    I did RSC at Lichfield, there's a couple of gentle slopes, nothing tricky
  3. Cheers mate doing it at pirbright well nervous about it can do the run in about 9 mins.
  4. Forget the run it's not a problem, 9mins is a good time for the lot I was with, some people gave up after about half a mile, was unbelievable.

    I've also heard the course at pirbright is very easy, 2 laps of a perfectly flat course.
  5. Cheers mate you are a star.
  6. The interview at the careers office is more in-depth than at the RSC, If you do well on all of the tests they don’t have much to say – just congratulations
  7. It is....However the CFT Route at Pirbright I wish on nobody.....
  8. The interview at Lichfield didn't take long at all. Just went over some simple things about your job choices and how you did over the 2 days then tell you if you've got the job or not. Everyone was quite nervous before they went in but it's nothing to worry about at all
  9. what bout the interviews at the careers office?
    what they like? what type of questions do you get asked there?
    what do you thinks best to go in, a suit (and risk looking too keen) or just smart casual? also to the rsc itself did anyone go in a suit?
  10. Look smart mate
    Where a suit they just ask you about the jobs you have chosen.
  11. Hi, i had my interview at the careers office today, just say first thing is to dress smart and i would also say turn up 10 mins before your interview. It was a very informal interview, they just want to find out a bit more about you, nothing to worry about. :D
  12. The Dreaded sand hill...
    It's great having finished it...didn't think that at the time though!