RSC Pirbright may 23rd

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shorting, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Hello,
    After a long wait i have been given my rsc date as shown above in subject and was curious to know if anyone from this website is going to rsc on that date.

  2. Yes i think i may be going to this one, although i havn't had a concrete date from my recruiting officer. His last words were ''I will get you on the next one''
    He said if he doesn't ring me within a week to confirm a date then i should ring up.
    So judging by the last three times he's said that to me, it looks like i will be ringing him in a week :?

    But anyway, I may see you then :)
  3. I start my phase one there on the 29th - bank holiday as well - gutted.
  4. Just to update, my recruiting person did actually get back to me in record time! And i will be attending on 24th May.... Which is worrying as the subject matter is on the 23rd 8O
  5. :? i hope my recruiting officer is correct in the date he has given me as the traval warrents are for the dates 23rd of may and 24th of may.
    i would like to congratulate Aldo on passing rsc and wish him/her all the best at basic *shakes hand*.
    Benji you must be starting rsc as im coming to the end of my date at rsc all the best and i will keep you updated.

  6. Isnt that because you will be going on 23rd and coming back on 24th? - providing everything is cosher medical wise that is. Dont worry bout RSC alot of it is waiting round.
  7. i have done rsc before and got to week 8 of basic trainning im going back as i took daor wich im not prowd of.
    medical should go ok for me i hope.

  8. what does daor mean? always wanted to know! how did you find first 8 weeks - how come you stopped and what makes u wanna do it again?
  9. i have sent a pm to you.
  10. How did you get on shorting??

    I got deferred on the wednesday due to having high blood pressure!! I'm 21 not 60.. What is going on?
    i was well pissed. I went to see my GP yesterday for another reading and it was fine. (I need two more ok readings before i can go back to ADSC) People have been saying to me that it was nerve's but at the time i felt quite relaxed. Maybe i just didnt know it?

    I've been doing a bit of research and it seems 90% of the time high blood pressure is un-explainable.
    Is there any intelligent people out there that can tell me if busting for a piss could have affected it?
  11. I, like an idiot decided to DAOR after being backclassed with an injury as I was disheartened, and now realize that it has been the worst mistake for me to do. Phase one is really a piece of piss if you've got the right mind and now 7 weeks later I realize I have the right mind for it. I will be going back to Pirbright after my sick leave to pull out my DAOR letter. As I haven't signed my Part two's does that mean I haven't been discharged yet?
  12. I understand you completeley there i left after 3 years in my battalion and after a 9 month stint as a civvy i can't cope and have re-enlisted
  13. I will hopefully going back to Troop soon if I pass a function test and the RMT run. If not then it's just more PT and PD for the next 6-8 weeks :) So I'm made up that the 2ic has managed to reverse my DAOR
  14. Glad you got it sorted Charlotte. DAOR, tut tut. Still, at least you'll be in the right frame of mind this time.