RSC Pirbright April 24th

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Aldo_Is_King, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. Anyone else goin down on this date - also anyone got up-to-date info on the various tests you do down there, am gettin the pamplet about it on the 20th with my rail ticket etc, but any help before that would be appriciated.
  2. Yeah I'm going that date. I have no idea about the tests though.
  3. Do you know if it starts on the Monday or Tuesday, am guessin the Tuesday as ive gotta come from Liverpool. Doubt gonna be there by 9 on the monday unless leave on the sunday but the train system in the whole of the north of england on a sunday is just one big replacement bus service.

    anyways best of luck down there
  4. Well I'm coming from North Wales, so I'm really not far from Liverpool. Perhaps you'll leave early in the morning which is likely; and get there for lunchtime or there after.

  5. I did RSC (up in Scotland, Glencorse) about a month ago, so this might be relevant or just crap, I dunno yet...

    Started on Monday, arrive at the closest station for 1100 - 1130hrs. Then you get bussed to ADSC (RSC) and had lunch there.

    First day (the Monday) you do Medicals, which a suprisingly large number failed on on my course, then various tasks including the Physical Tests.

    Second day (Tuesday) is the 1.5 Mile run and the leaderless team tasks, followed by an Interview and results on whether you've passed or not.

    The first day physical test are the following:


    Back Extension

    Static Lift

    Dynamic Lift

    Jerry Can Carry

    That's the basic outline, you should have atleast one booklet on the above Physical tests ("Fit For The Army") and you get given joining instructions that detail everything, what you're doing and when. You'll probably get them and a travel Rail Warrant in the post.

    Any more questions ask as I still have my old Joining Instructions.

    Don't worry about it, if you're prepared you'll be fine and everything will be laid out nicely so you should know what's going on.

  6. Oh, I'm such a f*cking stupid useless C*nt of a bint. Mlarrrrrrrrr ;) I thought this was for Basic. Only just read the title (I didn't take notice of the RSC part) I'm surprised you're not going to Lichfield RSC actually.

    Yeah, Helio's has got it right. If they catch you walking on the run it's an instance fail.
  7. Cheers for help

    I thought I would be going to lichfield as I got told it was to do with location by people on here - AFCO said it was more to do with chosen job. My basic will be at Pirbright (RA) so maybe thats got summat to do with it

    Helios- what were the major reasons for a failed medical? I think am prepared enough - need to work on heaves mostly - cant stop the little thing goin off in my head said your gonna fail
  8. Know that it is best effort. As for the Heaves, I did none what so ever - but I'm female and we both use different muscles and well, I'm just a weak female ;)

    Doing no heaves is not a fail, but I think you should try to do atleast 6. As for the medical when I went, some were deferred due to a heart murmur (I was told to stay away from caffeine the day before and the day on the medical as this can apparently be one of the causes)

    Hope this helps
  9. im going on 27th... on the thursday.
    the only thing im worried about is the medical.. i mean, im completely healthy, but i just hear lots of people get sent home because of not passing this, even though they have obviously passed the medical documents sent from their GP.

  10. im going on 27th... on the thursday.
    the only thing im worried about is the medical.. i mean, im completely healthy, but i just hear lots of people get sent home because of not passing this, even though they have obviously passed the medical documents sent from their GP.

  11. I'm going to the RSC in Lichfield tomorrow. I'm not a nervous sort of guy, but am crapping myself about it. I'm fit enough (I think), but I'm afraid I'm going to fail my medical. Don't think theres anything wrong with me, but I'll probably end up being failed on a brain tumour or cancer or something I didn't know I had.

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes from passing selection (fingers crossed) to starting basic? I had to quit my job due to my application, and need to know wether to register for temp work or try and live off my savings!
  12. I know exactly what you mean SBN! I quit my job, Thursday is my last day. Realizing that I don't have a job and may not be able to find a place to stay, kept me up a couple nights. 8O

    Register for the temp work. If you pass selection, just give your employer notice via a well written letter and off you go. Oh and you may want to tell them why your quitting. I did, my boss took it quite well (But she is willing to put me in a sanitarium). :D
  13. Yeah I reckon am fit enough as well (heaves are shit like). I had a BUPA med check up not so long ago and nothing out the ordinary came up on that so hopefully ill be ok. Just have to get there and wait and see
  14. Well I made it!!! So incredibly happy, its kinda weird. For everyone that hasn't been yet, don't worry too much, I am a right little skinny guy and I made it. Just remember to take two towels with you, otherwise you can't get properly dry for your interview, I'm surprised I passed, my hair looked like Pete Doherty's!
  15. Just got back from Lichfield (not pirbright like in title) - thanks for the advise with the two towels, deffo needed them. Harder than what I thought it would be but its not to bad at all, think only a few failed on heart murmor, one just left at the end of first day and a few dropped out on the run. just gotta phone afco now to get a date....cant wait, seein the other recruits there in the different stages was good, some on first day compared to ones in week 13 practising for pass out with the band playing the great escape.