RSC Pirbright 25th/26th July .... hopefully 3rd time lucky!!

Any one going to RSC Pirbright on 25th/26th July??

This will be my third time.... YES THIRD TIME!! I first applied 3 years ago when i was 16. I failed the maths test by 1 point but passed everything else with flying colours. It was a bit annoying as you do not find out the results of the maths test until you have the final interview on day 2, so yes I still had to contiue with selection which kind of gave me false hopes a little. Then the 2nd time at RSC i didnt fail any thing the officer just said I should reapply when i was 18 , complete year two of college and apply for a more "challenging" job. I applied to become a Geographic Terrain analyst for the RE and the 2nd choice being a Amunition Technition in the RLC. I personally think that they are both challenging jobs .. hmmm??? I was very confused for about a year with the officer's comments at my final interview at RSC and of course mega annoyed as I put months of effort in to my physical training.

So here I am, 3 years later aged 19 and now fully understand the reason as to why they said it to me... I have grown up soo much and have a more mature out look on life... Now just comes the 3rd time round at pirbright.. I wonder if I will have the same officer for the interview (who i have to say caused a slight eyebrow to be raised when I saw them on the video AFCO puts on for you to watch - lmao)

This time I have applied to the RMP :slow: :eye: :rambo: :donut: :donut: :donut: as I am a special constable for hampshire constabulary and want to ultimatley be a police dog handler for the BTP one day. Second job choice is being a dog trainer for the RAVC.

I am getting a bit edgy now as this is the third time round and I want it sooo badly. Lets just hope its 3rd time lucky for me... and prove that good things really do come to those who wait.

Any one else going on the 25th? :headbang: :strong: :dance: :sunny: :D

Oh and just a quick one... the mile and a half... I am running it in 11 mins 30 sec atm.... I know the time requirements change depending on the corps you apply for.. but does any one know what the time allowence is for the Adj. Gen. Corps?
You will not have the same officer as Instructors at ATR's are posted every 2 yrs, so he will have been promoted and gone by the time you get there. Good luck and i may well see you there as I too am on my way to Pirbright but as an instructor.
sjm88 said:
Good luck to you brother - selection was the best 2 days I've had for a long time

lol thanks :D :D :D ... I am female btw lol :rofl: :rofl:
Might see you at Winchester in January then since you're going RMP ;)

They're going to start taking girls again apparently :thumright:

Won't be the same PSO, and AGC time is 12:45 Males, unsure about females.
You'd cane me in the run ;) I hope it works out for you, I swear the Adj. has to run it in 14 mins? :p

I don't have an outlook on life, I think it's cause I need a job! Seriously i'm so drained ;)
Thought so, it's classed as All other arms and corps which need a run time of 14 minutes for males, and females too I think. If it can go any more than 14 minutes the only way you'll fail is if you're 53 ;)
On visiting all ADSC's and joining the PSO's on interviews and other tasks except for Glencourse the timings you are looking for are

9.18 Para
Under 11.30 Male
Under 12.30 Female
(I dont know where this 14 minutes myth comes from)

The PSO's will give JE a bit of leniency on these run times if they have been really strong on the team tasks and other parts of the selection. Hopefully the experience you have had on previous visits have helped you Frankie and now your a bit older and wiser it should assist your attempt. One of the main reasons you probably didnt make it and why your PSO commented like that was beause of your physical stature/ability. The jobs you were going for are physically challenging jobs (RE, Ammo Tech) and with your age and and being a female if your strenght was in question then PSO could of been wary. (not being sexist here but how many pull ups did you do?)
On your first attempt if you were only 1 point off your TST for the job you wanted if you had been strong on your run, team tasks, upperbody etc they may of let you re-take it again but say for instance
if you were around 1230 on the run , only did 5 pull ups, quiet on the team tasks etc, etc, etc your overall grading wouldnt give you enough points prior to the interview so if the PSO had any doubt on your interview would have to defer you.

Its a hard process for the PSO's who do a good job to assess individuals at selection and monitor you personnally throughout. Just put 100% in and then you know that you did all you could. Long winded but hopefully got my point across if you have specific Questions pm me, Ill try and help if I can.
Soozi said:
I have been told on numerous occasions by my ACIO that the female run time is 14 minutes at ADSC.
Go down and run it (more like walk)in 14 minutes and see what happens. Even pre-selections will tell you this. No lass would of got past me as a Recruiter or my Senior Recruiter if she couldnt do 12.30 or under or the lad under 11.30. Take a look at the attend / pass ratios. I can go on what I was told by PSO's when I sat in on interviewing potential recruits and what there after.

Edited to say Some may pass if slightly over these times if they put 100% effort in (close to the time of 12.30) and do excellent on everything else. Ive known some lads who have 11.20 and faqled on fitness.

right it is gunna have to be the fouth time lucky for me then.... I have been found to have a heart murmor so I have to go back in a few weeks time... This whole army thing isnt really working out for me at the moment lol

Oh well......
Frankie88 said:

right it is gunna have to be the fouth time lucky for me then.... I have been found to have a heart murmor so I have to go back in a few weeks time... This whole army thing isnt really working out for me at the moment lol

Oh well......
Heart murmor shouldnt be a problem, go to the hospital appointment your booked on and hopefully everything everything will be fine and your told that day. Once your record gets back to ADSC medical (about a week later)they will then let the recruiter rebook your return. You wont need to have the medical again on your return and just do the rest of the selection. keep yourself fit .
Out of interest did you stop drinking fizzy pop and doing exercise a couple of days before because its advisable to keep away from physical activities well before the visit.
Unlucky mate, there was an interesting thread knocking about all about heart murmurs, how they can be caused by the pressure of the selection (i can imagine there being a certain amount of pressure involved in a third attempt at selection)

Cant find the thread anymore..maybe someone else can point you in the right direction.

dont give up and good luck.

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