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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pietervl2000, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. hi. hope someone can help. i want to join the para's. the only thing i still want to know is what exactly i need to do at the rsc, concerning the 2.4km run, push ups and sit ups.

    if you know anything, please reply.
  2. Did RSC for paras about Month ago. At your AFCO before you attend RSC, you are shown a video of all the phyz you do at RSC. This video is out of date and shows physical tests that are not conducted at RSC. e.g It shows pressups, situps and ammo box hold, these are NOT conducted at RSC.

    These are the only the tests that you do at RSC. You do the weight tests on day 1, and the 1.5 mile run on the second day.

    Day 1

    Pull ups- You want to be looking at 10-12 for para regt, although people have passed with around 5

    Back extension- Your strapped into this machine type thing, you lean back as hard as possible and it measures how strong your back is.

    Static Lift - Bar on the floor and you have two attempts. You pull as hard as you can, kind of like a deadlift. This measures how much you can lift off the floor.

    55Kg Lift- This is a square shaped machine, with two handles and you have to lift for infantry 55kg to a height of 1.45 Meters (Height of four tonne truck. Sounds harder than it actually is.

    Jerry can- Not sure on distance but you carry two jerry cans at the same pace as the PTI. Quite easy, make sure you get a good grip as a few lost their grip on the jerry cans and dropped them.

    Day 2

    1.5 Mile run- You do 1 lap as a squad, stopping and stretching every now and again, then when you come to the start you do your best effort. You need under 9 min 18 sec for para regt. Advice: On best effort every1 is well syked up at the start and everyone goes belting off at the start, by the time they get to the first corner they are bollocksed. Best bet is to just chill out and have a good consistant pace and you'l come in under 9.18 easy. 8.28 in my case :D

    Team Tasks

    Not Phys test i know, But very important as quite a few fail on this. Just get stuck in and shout alot and just get involved in the team and you should be sorted.


    Give 100% at everyting you do, you are being watched from the time you get there until you leave.

    Keep your mouth shut, if your mouthy you will fail for bad attitude etc.

    Important: Work like a b*stard on the command tasks as this is where most people fail. Get really stuck in and shout alot.

    Thats all really mate its nothing to worry about.

    Best of luck

  3. Thanks for your help. It really gives me hope, as to everyone talking about 55 press ups and 55 sit ups in 2 minutes.
    But we both know that's still to come, isn't it?

    So I guess you'll start basic training at end of this month?
    I can't wait till I start but that's still gonna be a while.
    Good luck.

    Thanks again.
  4. 55 pressups and 55 situps isn't that hard - if you prepare yourself.

    I did a BPFA on 2 hours sleep (after a morning of PT and drill) and managed more than that - but only because I prepared physically and mentally and as for the run - came in at 10:10 (but only because the route had the last mile up a 30 degree hill :-/).

    Someone on here posted that they do 20 press-ups everytime they take a leak - sound advice... I've been doing that for a couple of weeks and now I'm doing 30 pressups and 30 situps every time I go to the John... It works wonders!

    While it strengthens the muscles that you'll be using for your tests, it will also get you used to the feeling like your muscles are burning away (So the pain won't come as a shock when you do them under pressure).

    Failing all that - just make sure you're doing a healthy amount of fitness daily on the lead up to your tests... If you're not doing any at the moment, you're bound to make life 10x harder for yourself and rather than get the most out of the training, you're going to spend everyday wishing you could just get through it... Not a good way to spend basic.

    You can buy a pull-up bar from Argos for about £7 - couple of weeks of these and you'll be knocking out 20 or so at any one time :)

    Prepare now!
  5. Start 31st of July

    Yes im sure there's plenty pressups to come, if you do RSC early in july we might just be on the same intake.
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    Good luck lads, the simplest advice is the fitter you are the better training will be for you. But do no phys a week before you start training proper, to let your muscles regenerate fully and be at peak level for fun ahead. You want to do the 1.5 miler at Pirbright, easiest route in the flippin world 2 small laps on flat ground.
  7. For fcuks sake, I've been doing press-ups and sit-ups for ages, I can do 55 of both now, but not been doing any pull-ups
  8. Well the time you've spent improving your upper body should only benefit you when trying to do Pull Ups.
  9. Pleased to see there remain some recruits out there - we could do with a few!

    I just wanted to put your minds at rest...I've worked as a para reg recruit instructor for a bit so I've got a petty good idea what we were looking for.

    Edwards 159's advice is pretty much spot on. A few comments though:

    I expected 'joes' (that will be your name too soon enough) to achieve the 1.5 mile run in 9 : 30, but aim for 9 :00. This is NOT the RSC line which is easier than this - although I can't tell you exactly what they want. Much over 10:30 in training and you're probably not being very realistic I'm afraid - but if you have two working legs and one working lung this is an easily achievable feat given a month or so.

    55 press ups and 55 situps in 2 minutes: each are both reasonable and a good standard for starting training, they'll easily do for the RSC I'd expect. If you're struggling with this do them in bursts: i.e. - do 20 pressups as fast as you can (it'll be under 20 secs I assure you) lock your arms straight and rest for 5 secs, then repeat, keep trying for 20 reps each time before you lock out for 5 secs - you'll be cruising 80 pressups in 2mins within a month if you do this every evening. The same principle applies to the situps. On both of these make the effort to get the technique right: if your body is swinging all over the place (back not straight etc) the exercises will not be counted.

    On all the fitness tests don't let it worry you if you think that you're not quite up to the grade in training, you'll find that on the day the adrenalin and additional encouragement for the PTIs will have you getting your best results yet.

    I'd NOT agree that the best approach to the command tasks is to shout a lot. This is a bad call. Think a lot yes, get involved as part of the team whever you can. Do not stand back and not contribute. Don't argue with others: coerce and convince them... if you have a good idea then speak up and don't let yourself be talked over: "strong words softly spoken" are the marks of future commanders!

    In summary though, like Chris says it's nothing to worry about...we could be throwing you out of a plane in the middle of the night in less than a year if all goes no future paratrooper is going to be concerned about the RSC.

    Good luck for the future.
  10. Yeh totally agree with the above especially as the advice above is coming from the 'in the know'.

    What i meant by 'shout alot' in team tasks was in other words, to make sure you look like your involved in the tasks and within the team, i didnt mean to be ranting and raving about random stuff :) so apologies there.

    Cheers for the top advice though.

    I start basic for paras in a month so any advice down that line would be welcome.

    Thanks Parasite_rex

  11. No problem,

    No specific advice for Catterick.

    If it is your first experience of the regular Army - the recruit induction will inevitably be a shock but it's no big issue - like everything it's built up in the telling so take everything as it comes don't pay heed to rumours as you get closer to the August intake.

    The course is now very good, but necessarily progressive so don't expect bayonet fighting lessons on day one. It will take a while for the good stuff to kick in.

    If you can think of anything that you want to know - fire away.
  12. So when did they get rid of the drink a pint of puke and piss test then?
  13. Thanks for that little work of fiction just what people need to hear...

    Still: you keep telling yourself that's why you never even tried...nothing to do with preference for food rather than the prospect of doing something physically demanding, "eggbanjo"?
  14. They no longer do the holding the ammo box? I did my selection in Lichfield in June '99 and I had to hold the ammo box. Guess it's the new easy approach recruits are getting, no more old school drill Sergeants! New recruits don't know how easy they're getting it compared to years ago!
  15. 307

    307 War Hero

    rex, you seem a very level headed guy and a good source of advice, which for something like Para Reg. with all the myths and rumours and that that float around is the best thing that could come to ARRSE, cheers.