RSC in the morning, starting to flap!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hoohaha, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys, im off to sunny pirbright in the morning for RSC and all of a sudden im nervous as fcuk!!
    ive been fine up to now, i got a 75 on the BARB, got my 2.4k down from over 14 mins ( bat fastard) to sub 10 minutes at the pre-RSC day, im quite confident therell be no dramas on the day but ive got night-before nerves!!

    any last minute suggestions/advice?
  2. Just relax mate and take things as they come, it wont be half as bad once you get started, you know that the waitings always the worst part about these sorts of things.. ;)
  3. Cheers for that, just pre-show nerves i think...

    also, do i turn up in a suit/shirt n tie combo and make a good impression from the outset whilst risking looking like a wannabe rupert OR... turn up in jeans and shirt ( fairly smart ones) but risk looking like a FCUKING CHAV????

    oh decisions decisions........ wheres that trinny and susannah when u need em eh?
  4. It's a bit late in the day to be asking those sort of questions that you really should've asked your recruiter a while ago. My suggestion is for you to have a cup of horlicks and an early night. Top tip is to avoid any fizzy drinks especially energy drinks on the train up as this is a major cause of getting deffered due to heart murmurs. Good luck
  5. luvvly jubbly, cheers for the advice guys, ill go suited methinks better to look like a rupert than a sink-estate chavmonkey

    time for me to retire, way past my bedtime!!!!!!
  6. So much for those who are constantly bemoaning the standard of recruits coming through these days.

    I hope he does well. I'm sure he will.
  7. Its like with everything, if you prepare and put the effort in your likely to come out with the answer which you want. What you put in is what you get out.
  8. Is there any word on how he got on???
  9. AH RESULT!!!

    Passed, phew! Ive got aches and pains in muscles I didnt even know I had but my god it was worth it! just cant wait to start phase 1 now...........
  10. Good work mate, your on your way now... ;)
  11. Actually while im thinking about it.... im in a bit of a state of confusion.......

    I was told originally by my afco that phase 1 would take place at ATR pirbright, but while I was at the rsc they said that it would take place at ATR winchester.
    I understand that the ATR you go to depends on the regiment/corps you are joining, does anyone happen to know which it would be for joining the AGC (RMP) ?
  12. I can't see what all the fuss is about. The Royal Shakespeare Company aren't that bad.
  13. Yeh, as it goes, youre right, turns out it was just pre-show nerves.

    trouble was id built it up in my mind so much that all of a sudden i got nervous, i spose when you go for a career that you want more than anything youre bound to get nervous!

    ended up going straight down the brookwood hotel for a pint or three before the train home!!
  14. Welcome to the Army Monkey Scum, anyway, just spoke to a monkey friend of mine and he assures me that you will be going to Winchester.

    Good luck, keeep your ears open, mouth shut and most of all enjoy yourself.

    Read some of the other posts where pre-joiners have asked questions and recieved some very good advice.


  15. Congrats,

    Post your scores mate