RSC and Phase 2 @ Blanford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Suma, May 20, 2005.

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  1. Hey, im going to RSC soon and i have a few questions. Im 19 and looking to be an information systems engineer.

    I have to do a technical selection test at RSC and im alittle worried about it. Apparently i have to get a score of 35 to pass. Im ok on maths but after reading the papers from AFCO im shitting myself. This is what the info basically said:

    Decimal Calculations
    Directed Numbers & Brackets
    Symbolic Expression
    Algebraic Brackets & Factorisation
    Algerbraic Fractions

    Has anyone on here taken that test or know anything about it, i'd appreciate it.

    Also, i smoked some cannibis a few days ago and ive go to RSC in 3 days, i know they do a urine sample but do they test it for drugs?

    After reading through the site i hear many problems at blanford, bullying drinking, curfews, nothing to do etc. Is it really that bad?
  2. When will this crap from a certain part of the corps stop. Is the IS Eng the new tech, this post backs that up 150% (or should we start picking on IS Eng not techs)

    Suma hand your kit in, if you want to smoke cannibis then the corps is not for you.

    p.s. I seem to be turning into an ARAB but I'm TA..... help!!!!
  3. I'm not going to smoke cannabis while i'm in the army, i have already stopped but i just wanted to know whether they tested.
  4. Do they test for Drugs?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Nah they test for stolen cars. What do you think??? Duh
  5. I mean at the RSC, not when your actually in the army. Any answers for the other questions guys?
  6. I'm an IS Eng there's no maths test for an IS ENG as you are not a tech but you do have to do a psycometric test which is a load of mind **** puzzle things its not hard and i don't think you can fail it .blandford is **** but get through it and your sorted. drugs, don't do them, at blandford your guaranteed to get a cdt at least every two months.
  7. To be honest i haven't done the test but i wouldn't worry about it as i doubt it will be that testing.

    As for smoking drugs just before you join, that could possibly be a big mistake as that is the sole reason they take your urine so they can test for drugs.

    What is this world coming to when with the bullying at Blandford. Phase 2 recruits need a good kick *********** so they aren't gobby little shits when they get to their unit which seems to be the case now days.

    The army is great if you make the most of it and i never have had any bullying problems. Its the weaker members that the military seems to let joing now days due to desperation.

    You'll enjoy yourself if you have the right attitude

  8. OH YEAH, Already stopped, had your last one 3 days ago, what a w*anker, maybe if your last one was 6 months ago.
    Hope you bomb, the Corps has enough wasters in it.
  9. Thanks for the advice most of you.

    And for those that cant see past the drugs issue, please do not judge a person by this single fact.
    Some people just cant help but being bitter here i see.
  10. Yeah maybe stopping 3 days before you go to selection wasn't the best idea matey.

    Just go there with the right attitude.....the test isn't too daunting and if i remember rightly it's multiple choice. My advice is to hit the books now and when it comes to sitting the test, start with the questions you are confident with first. Don't flap.

    Now make sure if you're serious about joining the army you stay away from smoking that s**t!!!
  11. the fact that cannabis stays in your body for up to 30 days, if your lucky it might not be traceable in your urine after about 7 days since last use. buteach person is different
  12. I know they take a urine sample at RSC, but i believe they only test it for medical issues, like diabeaties or other serious illness's.

    Im gonna hit the books all day tomoz and monday, hopefully i can remember most of it from school.

    So anyone know what time the curfew is at blanford? And any other issues there like accomodation. Another thing, they say you can bring you computers with you but is there an internet connection avaliable in the rooms?

    The army is what i want to do and i want to make a career out of it, i wont be smoking no pot or taking drugs or just generally wasting my time when i'm there, im in it for the long haul.
  13. What are you a moron do you also sniff glue in the process of smoking the wacky tabbacy? Why on earth would you announce you smoke weed if you do not want on an honest answer from people on this forum.
    No, what you should do is smoke weed all day get high as a kite, then possibly indulge yourself into pain thinner and other exciting drugs.
    Why the hell would you possibly risk your carrier?
    Thank god you are invovled in my communication with the british army, you do not put my life at risk at all.... :?

    Moron, 2CB
  14. lol that was a little OTT dont you think.

    I'm not repeating myself again, i have already answered practically the same question, just look through my posts and try not to concentrate on just 1.

    I all wanted was a little help, not a good old roasting ffs!
  15. If you don't want a roasting then don't announce the fact that you smoked dope 3 days before going on RSC!

    Obviously you have been thinking of this career for a long time, I use the word "thinking" very loosely. I suggest you take a good look at yourself and get grip,

    P.S. Good luck with the tests.