rsc-again! what to wear?



orite lads, i know there are loadza threads on rsc, but im confused! my sgt in the afco said to wear tracksuit to travel coz u will have a medical straight away, but on the dvd i have it says be smart, eg trousers and shirt, i have just bought trousers and shirt! and im saving my suit for the interview! what shall i wear? will i have time to get changed into my medical stuff? i want to look smart for first impressions etc! not like a chav! plus i dont have any tracksuits! cheers!
Travel smart, keep the track suit near the top of your bag so you can change when required. They are looking at you from the start so that first impression does count.
jeans and t shirt will be fine mate

every single person except 1 wore that when i had mine last week

you dont get time to change for the medical
Before RSC I would reccommend a trip to your local fancy dress costume shop and turn up dressed as a giant yellow chicken! make sure you have about 5 cans of Stella on the train too....
...Don't know how you'd fair, but it'd give the training staff a laugh!
If your going to Lichfield, then you wont get time to change when you get there. Wear something smart/casual and save your suit for the interview. As soon as you get off the transport its a quick brief from the DS then straight into the medicals. You dont want to be hopping around in the docs office in a suit now do you!


got back last nite and passed! got grade A fitness,
mile and a half run -10.09
heaves -11
55kg lift

passed tst test- easy!
rest just stuck in, and it payed off!
just waiting for date to start basic!


aye man, just physical that makes u tierd, that and the 15 year olds that wont shut up after lights out! what happens when u go back to the afco with your certificate?
physical that makes ya tired :lol:

i was fresh as a daisy when i woke up after the PT the night before

i was at the gym 4 times a week before though so i was used to it i think

and yeah.. some of the lads there were little $hites, madness how much you mature in a few years lol

they should get in touch with ya mate, if not give them a bell next week.. they should give you an intake date, and you'll get a letter in the post with your date to go down and do ya allegiance, dependin on when you start basic.

i do mine on thursday, start basic 5th nov. its a "pre enlistment interview" you have to bring all ya birth certificates etc with ya again, and sign a disclaimer.

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