rsc-again! what to wear?



orite lads, i know there are loadza threads on rsc, but im confused! my sgt in the afco said to wear tracksuit to travel coz u will have a medical straight away, but on the dvd i have it says be smart, eg trousers and shirt, i have just bought trousers and shirt! and im saving my suit for the interview! what shall i wear? will i have time to get changed into my medical stuff? i want to look smart for first impressions etc! not like a chav! plus i dont have any tracksuits! cheers!
Ignore the DVD, that's a load of ass. Even the guys in the ACIO told me that it was a bunch of crap turning up in a suit for the RSC. Save your suit for the interview, and then (hopefully) for when you turn up at phase 1.

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