RSC 130kg static lift

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by among_the_living, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering how hard it is exactly to do the 130kg lift at RSC..ive been focusing on the 2.4k run most of the time but i do have some weights (16kg dumbells) which are 2x2.75kf and 2x1.25gk weightsso what should i be doing to get ready for the lift?
  2. its easy as hell, keep doing situps, and pushups, then bicep curls with the weights, and you'll find it very easy, don't do any of them, and chances will still find it easy
  3. Well i am surprised anyone under 24 and who isnt a body biulder or weight lifter would find it easy, 130kg is about 20 stone, thats around what these professional weight lifters lift, 20/25 stone, i heard from someone its just whatever you can lift, someone else its 130...what IS it.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but what the Hell is an RSC Static Lift?
  5. I have a faint memory of the weight to be lifted being dependant on which corps or regiment you are to join, certain regiments like the Arty and RAC need to lift heavier weights to ensure that they can hump the shells when needed whilst an AGC (SPS) clerk would only need to be able to lift a half chewed pencil or a broken ( and possibly stolen) BIC biro.

    Hope this bollo answer is of some help.

    PS I think the lift is done using a weighted ammo box onto the simulated height of a daf floor.
  6. If you're lifting a weight off the floor, the best training exercise is the Deadlift. Make sure you also train the Squat and Bench Press. These are the Big Three, the exercises around which most bodybuilders, powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters structure thier training. These lifts will work every major muscle in your body.
    Let me know if you want any information on split routines etc.
  7. The rsc is the recruit selection centre..and the lift is a small machine that looks like scales with a small handle on the top and you pull with both hands on the bar handle as hard as you can...kinda like a newton device thing that you pull and it shows how many kg you are pulling.

    Im pretty sure the para/regular infantry weight wont be anywhere near 130, find me a 17yr who can lift a 20 stone weight and they will probsbly be a pro lifter, anyway thanks for all the help...i will just lift as hard as i can and hope for the best.
  8. nope its not 130kg or anywhere near, actually probably closer to about 30, all I know is when I did it, it was bloody easy, and I'm no body builder..
  9. Had to finish a CFT by carying a 20 stone lad I was nbearest his weight at 15 stone by **** did that smart on the legs the next day!!

    But the lift for entrance test wont be more than 50Kg do a search on the army web sit it should lay the standards out.

  10. Got rsc on monday there no details on the website any one got any idea what the weight is?
  11. I guess you should go by the guys on will probably just be whatever you can lift....the jerry cans are about 55kg each or something in long as you can lift those im sure you will be fine, i think the lower the time on your run the less weight you have to lift in it, not sure would be best asking the guys at your ACO.
  12. Not sure what type of jerry cans they have around your area, but the standard issue ones weight about 20kg each when full of water. The static lift, if indeed it is the "Lift onto simulated DAF floor" is dependant on the Regiment or Corps you are joining, but varies between 15kg and 30kg - nowhere have I ever heard of anyone having to lift 130kg!!

    Good luck at the RSC...

  13. I read on here somewhere from someone who had done RSC that the jerry cans were around 55kg when full...and...15-30kg is damn easy..thanks for all the info.