RSA Weekend!

Anyone involed in RSA this year? It is the first year i am getting involved with the parade and don't really know what goes on apart from the drill parade! :roll: Any of you Blandford old sweats got a clue? Is there a good p1ss up after? :lol:
Yeah the piss up is the best part of the weekend. Last one i did here 5 years ago there was a all ranks do in the semaphore/ibiza bar and the the guys who did the drill got free beer tokens, which they then went and scanned and printed off hundreds of them so we all got wasted for free. From what a vaguely remember it's a bloody good session getting drunk with the old boys and generally a good laugh.
So what happens on the square apart from the drill bit?
You mean stuff goes on apart from the boozin 8O
D'oh................only dropped a clanger. No-one will turn up now if they think they have to do stuff other than drink!!!
Seriously i think the usual is the drill, the band do some stuff and the white helmets make an appearanceand lots of other display try checking out
RSA weekend programme of events

Probably more use than someone who vaguely remembers it from 5 years ago
Bugger just read the programme myself, the social is in the Sgts mess as the chance ofpicking up my 3rd between now and then are slim looks like i'm getting drunk on my own.
my god you handy with your links aren't you! You not in blandford anymore then to enjoy it this year?
Oh i'll be there like i said bloody good weekend from what i remember, good displays and a good social.
where you @ now then?
blagger said:
where you @ now then?
Calm down mate i just offered some advice and information, i wasn't after a date. Bloody relay ops :lol:
back off b1tch your not my type!!! I know a relay op that wouldn't mind a bit of manly love though!! hahaha


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Will there be a braaivleis with boere and sudsa ?
Get a couple of tjerboulies in the cooler, eh china !

Biltong, droewors en koud Kasteel, lekker jol !

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