RSA or Corps Funds which way to go?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bed_surfer, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. Royal Signals Association.

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  2. Corps Funds.

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  1. From the beginning. In training I same as most of the corps was "Encouraged" (spelling may be incorrect, Relay Op. sorry A.S. Op).
    to pay Corps funds which was justified as "It pays for new kits for the Corps Rugby and Football teams, So for 7 years I payed this for no better reason than I was to lazy to cancel it.

    However upon arriving at my present unit 2 years ago I was encouraged to transfer the money to The Royal Signals Association Funds. "Much better than the RSM strong arming you into buying a unit tracksuit and Jumper as they over ordered 5 years earlier and need to keep the PRI afloat". Now in the last 2 years I have attended AGM's, Functions and been informed of the Associations efforts in similar fields to Corps funds.

    Recently I received a letter saying they now realise that I'm nolonger paying Corps funds and have sent out a form so I can change back.

    But now that I have seen things done by the RSA ie I have seen something done with my money why go back?

    Just wondering who out there pays what if any and reasons why?
  2. An emotive subject but one that is often argued at face value rather than about what they deliver.

    The Corps fund helps in many ways and many benefit from subsidised Adventure Training, Sports events, Renovations and functions. Another very important fact is it can also help your NOK (although limited) with finance should you die in service, or help you should you have to be retired due to injuries sustained in service.

    Now you only have to go back a few months to Camp Dogwood where 2 of our guys who were in an EOD role lost their legs and further back where others lost their lives. The Corps will be there to provide support and help out, if it did not I would be ashamed.

    But you have to pay to recieve these benefits. This is only fair. If you do not give your 1 days pay a year why should others pay for you to go yomping over mountain ranges or scuba diving in the Med etc.

    The RSA too is a worthy cause but it is unfair to compare one with the other. If you are happy with your contributions and see that the money is well spent then continue to pay, it is your choice.

    I pay my Corps subs and as a SNCO I pay extra too, but again I have been in Mess`s that have benefited from the Corps funds.

    Often bad feeling is mixed in when raffle tickets for the Museum appear but Soldiers should not dismiss the important side to Corps funds, its there to help. It is not a consiracy to get the SOinC a villa in Spain.

    It is your money, manage it how you see fit, but dont forget your Corps as it will never forget you.

  3. Do forms get signed/sent when they are paid? I pay corps funds but have never seen any paper work, which makes me think the money may be going elsewhere (I don't think it is but don't get paper work cause I'm a part timer)
  4. I'm sure the accounts are published somewhere, but i've never seen them. Anyone know where a contributor can get a butchers at whats spent on what?

  5. According to the Info I got with the subscription form. Explainations of how corps funds are raised and spent are published annually in the Wire and the same info is available on the Corps Website.

    Hope this helps Boney but the only place I've seen the Wire is in the Library in Blandford.
  6. Does that mean they are one and the same?